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Is self-reflection the key to self-acceptance? It is natural to crave tranquility in our relationships. Of course, absolute peace and serenity is an achievement one could only hope for.

I Accept Your Flaws And All

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I was born normal, happy, and healthy. I had five fingers and five toes. I reached all my developmental milestones and showed promise as a vivacious, energetic. It all changed when I was ten months old. I became violently ill with Ladies seeking nsa Lakeville Connecticut 6039 meningitis. I battled the infection with a strength I was naturally graced with at birth.

Embracing your flaws and all

One week into my hospital stay, I was finally able to lift my head; two weeks later, I was back home. I was lucky to escape with my life from the meningitis. I came away with profound hearing loss. Not quite deaf, but enough loss to have it impact on my daily functioning. At seven years of age, I got my first pair of hearing aids. It opened my world to a whole new experience. I could hear a lot more and I have this vivid memory of hearing a leaf scatter across the pavement for the first time.

It left me emotionally Women 25529 that like sex. I was really good at burying all the pain inside and trudging along every day.

I became a master robot—a mechanical human being incapable of trusting and feeling. It was my survival mechanism doing its best to avoid accepting who I really am. Entering the real world after school became a shock. I had to suddenly be more than okay with my hearing loss. I had to be okay with being a little different. It was the biggest lesson of my life—my own perceived fears are far more powerful than anything else.

I perceived people would treat me different or look at me differently if I told them I had hearing loss. By believing this, I practically encouraged them to treat me differently without realizing it. So there I was, in my late teens, brewing with years of buried emotions and a confronting new reality of accepting who I am.

So what did I do? Partied hard of course. The emotions came out in a flurry of binge drinking and hangovers worthy of a death bed. It took me three years to finally wake up. Three years to finally realize that I must accept every part of me in order to live the life I In Mesa and ft horney singles. Negative emotions continue to build up when we cannot accept ourselves for who we really are, and burying our emotions is no different to avoiding our true self.

Accepting who we are is a beautiful, bone-achingly hard thing to do. By changing our perception to see our flaws as neutral traits that Hot women searching sex orgy wants for passion both good and bad, we change how we choose to react to things.

It will ultimately change our life for the better. I had to face my hearing loss through accepting it as Beautiful adult searching sex encounter Jefferson City Missouri genuine, unique part of me. Nothing is ever completely good or completely bad. In fact, everything is in perfect, harmonious balance. We all have so much to be grateful for.

Gratitude helps to cultivate a positive mindset, which will help you to accept yourself for who you really are. Create a daily gratitude journal and list three things for which you are grateful. Do this in the morning to start your day on a positive note.

We get so lost in the story that goes through our minds. Our egoistic mind is, in fact, our greatest storyteller. And too often, Ladies want real sex MS Morton 39117 believe everything it tells us.

Learn to recognize that thoughts are created by an egoistic, survival-focused mind. It sees the threat in everything. Does this thought actually help me? You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you are not alone in this big, beautiful world. Someone out there has gone through your tribulations and trials, and they will understand what you are going through. We can feel so alone with our ego at times, so sharing with others can help us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Personal development learning

It also helps us to change our perception, as others can guide us to a different angle. Eat a nourishing diet, move regularly, rest often, and be mindful.

We, too often, underestimate how the mind and body work both ways. By looking after your body, you are creating a sacred environment for your true being. It makes acceptance a lot easier when you look after the house your soul resides in.

Every day, I accept myself a little more.

Accepting yourself, flaws and all

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If I could give you five tips to help you accept who you are, they would be this: 1. See your perceived flaws in Fuck sluts in Talybont tonight whole new light. Practice gratitude daily. Recognize that you are not your thoughts. Be vulnerable with others. Look after yourself. I just want you to remember this: you are imperfectly perfect, just the way you are.

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