Founded by the creator of the Montreal + Fashion Week, Emily Roy wanted to start 2018 with a brand new website: EMY NEEDS A RAINCOAT. This blog is dedicated to women of all sizes and shapes, who wants to feel gorgeous and powerful.

Who is Emily?

Born in Montreal, Emily always liked the urban vibe. It’s really on her first trip to New York city that she discovered a whole new world of opportunities about plus size fashion.

In 2007, Emily met a new colleague at work and without knowing, this friendship would change their lives. The two women are both alike physically (being plus size) and share an interest for fashion, traveling and have a desire to change mentalities about their full figured reality. They decided to combine their passions and their ambition to start a business.


After years of studying the plus size market, both women decided to have their online boutique in 2013. They offered styles and trends that were not yet available in the province of Quebec. Their success in pop up shops and events confirm the ladies that there is a real shortfall in the Canada plus size market. In 2016, after three years working on their online boutique, the entrepreneurs were ready to start another project.

Creator of the Montreal + Fashion Week

Inspired by full figured events she attented, Emily decided to produce the first plus size fashion week in Quebec in 2016: the Montreal + Fashion Week. The event, featuring international models such as Rosie Mercado and Joby Bach, is praised by the medias and the public. It is even nominated for the Prix Image/In 2017, rewarding Quebec’s projects to promote body diversity in the fashion industry, medias or publicity.

Plus size model and major collabs

From the moment she created her first blog in 2013, we saw Emily as a model in many events in Montreal. She walked the runway (at the Love the Skin You’re In fashion show) and modeled on television (at Global Morning News for Penningtons, and again for the Melissa McCarthy collection at Breakfast television) In magazines, we saw Emily  in ELLE Québec, La Presse, Loulou Magazine, DARE Mag and Buzzfeed for her fashion statements and bold looks.

Emily also wrote for Addition Elle’s blog, Igigi, Sportive Plus and Pennington’s blog.

Recently, Emily collaborated with the following brands: Modcloth, Marée pour toi and L’Aubainerie.


Emily was seen on television, giving interviews on body diversity at CBC Radio-Canada, and also for the tv show FOCUS.