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Top definition.

Marathon sex between two sexually athletic people. More than 12 hrs of sex-n-rest.

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A couple who tries to see how many postions and places they can climax in a given day, East pembroke NY wife swapping, or timeframe. Every time we've ever had sex it's always led to a fuck-a-thon. It takes me a week to recover. His rebound time is less than 10 minutes. Laurent April 09, May 25 Word of the Day.

Chick 1: Girl, where you been all weekend?

We was supposed to go to the movies. Chick 2: My bad girl, me and my man was having a fuck-a-thon. I was exhausted by Monday morningglad to go to work.

Example 1 Dude i just had a Fuckathon last night Example 2 Holy shit the dude in this porn video just had a Fuckathon. When people indulge in sex for longer periods of time, usually over the weekends and in groups.

Gays regularly engage in fuckathons on weekend. Mark: "Boy my ass is sore and I can's hit; it took 20 lo this weekend" Eli : "Man, you were in a fuckathon" Mark: "Yes, I was and it was one helluva experience.

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