The Comfy Flats: are they worth the hype?

Like me, you probably seen Empress Australia shoes ads on your social medias. Well one day, I got a message from the brand, asking me if I was willing to try their shoes.. OF COURSE!! I’m always looking for the perfect comfortable flats for my wide feet! So I let them know which color and what size I wanted, and several weeks later (due to the Covid + postal service delays) I got my shoes!

The story behind the brand tells that the two brothers, Kevin and Daniel, wanted to thank their mother for the sacrifice and the support, working endless hours for her sons. During all these years, she complained that her shoes were not adequate and her sons wanted to give her the perfect pair of shoes. Awwwwww… I love it!

So the brothers decided to make a pair of shoes that are cute, comfortable and affordable.

My review


Those flats are indeed cute. They are not the kind of shoes that are trending, or have that fashion look, but they are cute. I love wearing mine with a pair of ankle or rolled up jeans and a t-shirt. You won’t necessarily notice my shoes in my outfit (fashion wise), but it blends in. 


Oh my, these flats are THE MOST COMFORTABLE FLATS I’ve ever worn!! First the fit is perfect. Made with their “mold to your feet” leather, it will adjust and fit like a glove over time if you feel a little snug at first. The leather is smooth and cup your heel, so it won’t slip up or hurt you with painful blisters at the back of your feet.

The comfort also rely on the arch support those flats have compared to other cheap flat shoes. The wider toe area Empress Australia offers is also something you won’t find in Payless types of flat shoes..

But the real game changer here is the sole. Their SORA sole is in my opinion, what makes these the best flat shoes ever. 

Our patent-pending SORA Sole evens out the pressure across your whole foot, meaning your toes will feel great throughout the day and your ankles won’t be sore.

The sole is thick (but not too thick) and has that memory foam quality. For a heavy woman like me, it’s important that the soles in the shoes won’t flat out withing a couple use, and the SORA sole gives me hope! I wore the shoes a couple days for long hours already and the sole is as good as new! 


Okay, here’s where it hurts a little. Affordability is different for everybody. What seems affordable to me and my budget, can be over priced for someone else, and even appear very cheap for a Kardashian.. 

The comfy flats are usually 166$ Canadian, and are now on sale at 137$ Canadian. For me and my budget, it’s an expensive pair of shoes. 

But I know that a great quality, long lasting pair of shoes like Empress Australia is affordable for what it is.

If you have wide feet, or bunions or orthopedic caracteristic to your feet you are probably already used to buy expensive shoes from specialty stores. That’s when those shoes will appear affordable.

My verdict

I love my comfy flats. At first, I was a little snug around my big toe (felt like there’s was not enough height for my big toe) but started to wear them around the house to soften the leather and after a little time, I didn’t even notice it so it has stretched to my need.

They are becoming my favorite everyday pair of shoes. I know I can walk all day in them without hurting my feet, I can stay up and work in those shoes..

So if you want to get yourself the best pair of flats you haven’t even tried yet, treat yourself with the Comfy Flats from Empress Australia. You won’t regret it!


  • I usually wear shoe size 10W at Addition Elle and Torrid
  • I asked for the size 10Wide Comfy Flat and they are perfect in lenght and width
  • Empress offers shoes in sizes 5 to 12, in Medium or Wide width. Check their video in their SIZING tab to check what fits best for you. I did it and it worked perfectly!
  • The comfy flats comes in many colors

Find the Comfy Flats from Empress Australia HERE

And you, are you willing to splurge a little and order the best flats ever?

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