The truth about my Alizee winter jacket

A few weeks ago, I got my new Alizée winter coat. It was still Fall, we were comfortable with a light jacket, so I didn’t talk about it then. First, I didn’t want to remind you that winter was indeed coming, but mostly because I wanted to be able to wear it, before giving you my honest opinion about it. 

So let’s jump into this.

Who is Alizée?

Alizée (pronounced A-lee-zay) is a company from Quebec, who are experts in winter jackets. Thirty years ago, they started their quest to find the best materials to keep us warm during the coldest months in the province.

Since their debut, insulation materials has evolved and Alizée is always on top of their game. They are working with the latest technology discoveries, with an eco-friendly and cruelty-free mentality. 

Alizée has decided not to use any animal product (down, leather and fur) in its jackets. Today’s technology and the expertise we have developed allow us to design jackets tested for the coldest temperature and without using these animal products. Indeed, synthetic insulation used in our jacket increase comfort because of its thermal qualities, similar to down.

Still, a lot has to be done and the fashion industry remains these days one of the most polluting. Nevertheless, we are convinced that every effort to improve industry practices will bring a real change in the textile and manufacturing world.

Their plus size collection

For their plus size customers, Alizée chose a few jackets from their regular size collection and work the proportions to fit plus size women. While their regular size goes from sizes XS to 2XL, their plus size goes from 1X to 3X.

The BOMBA and the ZIG ZAG jackets goes up to 5X.

I know, it would’ve been amazing if all of the plus size jackets were available to sizes up to 5X..

Buying online experience

It’s important to have the most information possible when you buy a winter jacket online, and Alizée knows it! That’s why they included the length and comfort zone for every item, with details (hood, zippers, pockets..) and the fabric, the finish and insulation they used.

They also has a size chart, so it’s easy to find out which size is right for you.

My verdict

I wore my Alizée winter jacket since the first snow flakes fell from the Montreal sky and I never regretted it.

When deciding on which model to get, I went with the NEW PICCA jacket because it would cover my bum, but not be too long during the Metro rides. Also, this jacket is set to be comfortable until -30 degrees Celcius, so I will appreciate it during snow storms, waiting for a bus that never comes….

Size wise, I took the size 3X and it fits like a charm. Usually, I am a size 2X (top) and 3X (bottom) so their plus sizes are really accurate. I like my winter coats a little loose, because I wear sweaters and knit tops during the cold season and I want to be comfortable. This coat has a waist adjustment thread that you can pull in if you want a tighter  jacket when you wear fitted clothes underneath.

So far, this is the best winter jacket I’ve ever had. It’s light and you can squish it on the upper part of a grocerie cart, along with your purse and reusable bags (done it!), it’s a warm jacket but it’s breathable, it’s water resistant, machine washable… I mean, it has been created by people from Quebec, knowing what we go through every winter so they know the basics. 

So this season, if you want to encourage a local company who stands by awesome values and offer quality products, I would suggest taking a look at Alizée’s website HERE.

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I received this winter jacket for free, but my opinion is honest about it. Don’t hesitate to ask me your questions if you have some.


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