The cutest tights are here (with a promo code!)

Transitionning from Summer to Fall fashion can be a bit downer sometimes. If you are not willing to store away your shorts and mini skirts so soon, here’s the way to do it: wear them with a nice pair of tights!

A couple days ago, someone reached out to me from the Canadian hosiery company From Rachel

From Rachel || Le Coffret de Rachel



I must say I remember looking online at their products, and I was wondering if their tights would fit me.. Usually, I get my plain black or nude pair of tights from Addition Elle or Penningtons, simply because it fits, not because it’s cute.
When From Rachel offered to send me 2 pair of tights from their plus size collection, I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to try those on!
Looking at their chart, I am in the largest size available (size G). I know.. they could go up to larger sizes if they want money from us big girls, but it’s a start!
A couple days later, I received a big cardboard envellope in the mail and it was soooo cute!! Inside, the two pairs of tights were carefully wrapped in paper.

From Rachel || Le Coffret de Rachel

Ahhhhh, the tights were perfectly chosen by the team. The first pair is the Black back heart seam tights which is so romantic and delicate. The second pair (my favorite) is the Scalloped Over The Knee Tights which is a sheer fabric, with a knee high opaque black pattern. 
The next morning when I got dressed, I really took my time to put it on. After removing all jewelry (especially my rings), I sat down on my bed and crossed my fingers the tights would fit!
I must say, it was a hard work and I wasn’t sure it would actually fit. Once I finally pulled the waist up, I tried to gain more fabric from the tip of my toes all the way up my thighs to have the crotch in the right place. And just to be sure the crotch wouldn’t end up between my knees during the day, I always put on top a bikini bottom to keep it in place (and ladies, this trick works very well!)

The verdict

Once I got the tights on, hard part was over. They kept everything in place, and I didn’t have any struggle going to the bathroom and pulling them up again: they stretched little bit on my body I guess, so it was not a pain, for once! So I’m sold!
And the designs are so cute! And the crotch stayed in place (maybe because of the bikini trick, but I don’t mind. It’s not uncomfortable)
Again, they don’t have A LOT of choices in the plus size section, but it’s a nice start. If customers show interest in their products, they might be able to get more options, and in larger sizes!
So if you are looking for cute and delicate tights to put on with your shorts, shirt dress or skirts this Fall, check the website FROM RACHEL.


I have a promo code for you! Until October 31st, use the code EMY20 at checkout to get 20% off your purchase!
Let me know which pair of thights caught your eyes!

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