Is animal print the new neutral?

Just before Summer, Addition Elle gave us a magnificent collection full of snake prints and I fell in love with it! (Read more about it HERE) People reacted very well to it as well, and we saw many of those prints on social medias in Canada.
It’s safe to say that this trend is far from over. If snake print was the new neutral, cheetah and other animal print are coming along this Fall! Asos, Torrid, Eloquii and even Anthropologie joined the movement and have beautiful dresses, pants and tops to put some RAWRRR in your wardrobe!
Some love the animal prints (I DO!), some hate it, but in the end it all depends on your personnal style.

Easy ways to wear animal prints

When wearing animal print, I rely on two options: to be bold and wear it full out (like when I wore my Addition Elle Snake Skin print with a neon yellow top) or be a bit more conservative, by keeping the animal print the focus point, and mix it with black, beige or grey options.

Focus on the print

Like with my new Addition Elle cheetah print boots.

Addition Elle

I fell in love with them on a picture a while ago, and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive in store. It was such a surprise when I walked in their Angrignon boutique and saw those perfect boots waiting for me. Usually, I have problem with boots that zips above the ankle. Even wide width boots aren’t closing around my HUGE calves.. *rolling eyes* Anyway, I tried the pretty-pretty-cheetah print boots because it’s made out of stretchy material. Like a thick sock with a zipper on the side…. and it fits perfectly
They are so comfortable. The heels are not too high for me, and the material of the boots is soft and doesn’t cut into my calves when I walk. But I know that if I want to wear them at work, I will probably wear a black pair of jeans and a black t-shirt to go along. With a gold necklace above the t-shirt and a tiny gold hair clip. You know what I mean..!
Anyway, I love both styles when it comes to animal print: bold and conservative. It really depends on my mood in the morning and how I feel when I get dressed.

Animal print all over the runway at The CurvyCon 2019

Still doubting? Look at Target and Macy’s collection on the runway. It’s bold, it’s trendy and (to my eyes) it’s perfect.
(Links to the runway fashion shows from Target HERE and Macy’s HERE)
And you? Are you into the animal print trend? If so, which print is your go-to, and how do you style it? Let me know in the comments, I wanna know!

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