What’s happening in my beach bag

Vacation is an exciting time. A couple days before, I love making a list of whatever I want to bring to make it easier to pack later (usually last minute!). I kept some of the previous lists to help me think of everything I need for this upcoming vacation.

This summer, we are going to Toronto (read my post about our plans HERE) and I know we will spend a couple days shopping and exploring the city, but we will probably go to the beach as well.

So here’s a sneak peak of my beach bag content this summer!


They can be as big as your personality or teeny-tiny to stay on the trend, but you cannot spend a day out without them. It’s my trick to get amazing pictures (no more closed eyes) AND they block UV rays. What’s not to like?

Beach towel

I like mine to be extra long. I hate having my hair or feet in the sand when I’m laying down, so I sometimes use 2 towels. But from time to time, when I have a chair to sit on, I love those pretty round beach towels..

Beach hat

Sunstroke. It happened to my friend at the beginning of Summer, and clearly it wasn’t fun. She got the worst headache with nausea that lasted two days.. Prevent it from happening by wearing a hat, a scarf or something on your head.

Drink lots of water

Another way to prevent sunstroke is to stay in the shades, and drink lots of water. It’s easy nowadays to find bottles that keep your water cold, so no excuses! Just bring it with you.


Since the beginning of Summer, I started to mix my Neutrogena Face sunscreen with my moisturizing face lotion in the morning (even if it has FPS in it). I really like it, it blends well with make up afterward and it helps prevent damages from sun exposure. For my body, I love the Coppertone GLOW with Shimmer. It might be sold out by now.. but this lotion has mini sparkles in it, and people loved it! It works well, AND it gives me a shine!

Mini speaker 

When permitted, I love to bring my mini speaker by Miniso. It’s tiny, it’s cute, it’s not expensive and the sound is not bad! It’s an easy way to put some ambiance by the pool. Look it up if you have a Miniso nearby.



I present you my new best friend: the tripod! Since I got my Iphone X, I love taking pictures even more. I wanted to be able to take pictures of my outfits sometimes, without asking people around. You know, I like being independent, so I bought this small tripod on Amazon and it works wonderfully with the remote control.

Tripod: Amazon

Beach bag

To hold everything, I will bring my favorite beach bag! It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it’s large enough to carry everything around!

Did I forget anything?


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