13 gorgeous bikinis for gorgeous fat babes

I said it earlier this week, I was part of the fat babe squad’s pool party on Saturday. 

It was everything I hoped it would be, and more. (Read my article about it HERE)

The pool party was a real life showroom of colorful bikinis, of larger than life sunglasses and infinite confidence.

So to everyone who says that fat babes cannot, or should not rock the bikini… check this out!

Addition Elle

I was wearing a bikini from Addition Elle’s 2019 collection

Addition Elle‘s reputation is already out there: it is THE plus size spot to shop when your size is 14+. Recently, they decided to make small changes to the brand and it’s only for the best. You can read my article about it HERE.

So on Saturday, all these fat babes all decided to show up with Addition Elle’s swimwear, and we all look gorgeous, aren’t we?

Shop Addition Elle swimwear HERE.

Nadia, in Addition Elle’s 2019 collection

Julie, in her Addition Elle bikini, collection 2019

Sabrina, wearing a black & white bikini from a previous collection of Addition Elle


A year ago or two, Torrid had a huge campaign to let people know that their swimwear collection has a fit for every body type. And it’s true! They have SO MANY to choose from. 

Marylene in her superb Torrid bikini top

Like for Gabrielle who told me her pink floral bikini was not a “regular one size” plus size swimwear. She chose her bikini top to have a larger band size, with a smaller cup. This is a total game changer! I realized that many women at the pool party were indeed plus size, but had smaller breasts. 

I know the struggle, I am part of those ladies!

I looked and MANY of their swimswuits/bikinis are “customable” that way

Forever 21

Who doesn’t like Forever 21? It’s young, fresh, and their prices are also affordable. What I like the most about this brand, is that everything is ON TREND. 

Shop all Forever21+ swimwear HERE.

Chrislene looking fab, in her Forever 21 bikini and cover up


I never ordered at SHEIN. I heard mixed reviews about it. Some love it because because everything they sell is completely inexpensive, and some hate it because of fitting issues. 

Sonia, rocking her SHEIN bikini by the pool | Photo Sonia Tremblay

Because you have to be very careful with SHEIN, be sure to mesure yourself and buy according to those measurements, NOT according to what you usually wear.. 

Shop SHEIN swimwear HERE.

Swimsuits for all

Their name says it all: swimwear for each body type. They have regular sizes, plus sizes, bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits, shorts bottoms, skirts bottoms, longsleeves…. name it! If it’s swimsuit related, they have it!

I really discovered Swimsuits for all when I first learn about the GabiFresh collection they carried. Since then, Gabi made at least 2 collections every year, and it’s always gorgeous!

Now, they have collections with model Ashley Graham and more!

Shop Swimsuits for all HERE.

Jessica, in GabiFresh’s 2019 swim collection with Swimsuits for all



And you? Where do you usually shop to find your swimwear?

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