My experience at Montreal’s fat babes pool party

It was on Saturday that the Montreal’s fat babe Squad had it’s first pool party. Lucky, I got my ticket just in time before it sells out. 

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I know how hard it is to create an event, and I was affraid it was too last minute to be something that amazing. 

Fortunately, I was wrong. I arrived around 3pm, and we were not the first ones there. The pool party organization team was already busy to set up the snacks table, music was playing, guests were talking.. It was up to a good start!

We set our towels down and we were the first to remove our clothes to show our swimsuits. No one were looking at us with judgements. The look we got were always followed by “Wow! Where did you get your swimwear?!” *


It was such a liberating experience to simply enjoy ourselves by the pool. Because yes, fat people go to the pool and we may seem to enjoy it sometimes, but mostly we can see people looking at us, or laughing, or judging. We might have build a wall between those comments and our perception of ourselves, but it remains that we are always aware of the other’s thoughts and looks.

Saturday, we were able to play in the pool. To sit by the pool’s edge and splash around with our feet. To lay on the grass, eat pop corn and have a drink without ANY judgement.

It was the first time I was able to sit on the ground with other people, without thinking of adjusting my swimwear every 2 minutes to cover my belly roll, or feeling bad for wearing a way too flashy bikini on my fat body, or trying to sit in my best angle to appear slimmer.. We were able to let our guard down and it doesn’t happen often.

Honestly, I never seen so many beautiful fat babes smiling and having fun in swimsuits together in Montreal. 

So next year, don’t think twice. When the fat babes pool party tickets goes on sale, grab it and trust me: you will not regret it!

* Another post will be up this week, showcasing the prettiest swimwear I’ve seen at the pool party.

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