Snakeskin print and bright yellow

Last week, I was invited to a tv show called Ça ne se demande pas, which could be translated by You cannot ask that. The concept is to ask people with a difference (down syndrome, paralysis, amputees..) questions from the public.

The magic behind this show is that it’s never dramatic or a falls into the clichés. Real people answering real questions. The goal here is to connect with people with a difference, learn about their stories and realize that we are not that different anyway.

I was invited to be on a show about fat people. Talk about our realities, our background and our stories through questions that were, sometimes deep, and sometimes quite funny.

I enjoyed my experience and frankly, I didn’t think I would be able to share that much since I was not paired with someone I knew. I did other interviews but I was almost always with a friend, so it reassured me. But that time, I was on my own.

My stylish TV outfit

For the occasion, Addition Elle gave me a superb outfit to help me glow. I chose the Snakeskin print pleated midi skirt with their Boyfriend T-shirt in a bright yellow.

I got so many compliments on my outfit that day. 


Well let me say that this skirt is already in my favorite items for the summer. It’s light, the lengh let me wear bike shorts underneath to avoid chafing, and it’s so easy to dress it up (with a nice black top and heels) or have a street style/casual look with a tshirt and sneakers.

For the interview, I went with a bold casual style. The Boyfriend tshirt is sooooo comfy, and comes in many colors. It’s long enough to make a knot or wear in tucked in, or simply over a pair of short. 

I really love that look, and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Addition Elle for this outfit. I really appreciate it.  <3

The episode of Ça ne se demande pas will air starting in January 2020, on AMI télé.

Emily (Emy needs a raincoat) & Edith Bernier (Plus Size Backpacker)


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