The new Addition Elle Vibe

Lately, fashion lovers have been noticing changes at Canadian plus size brand Addition Elle. They are indeed changing their game plan,  which is HUGE step in the right direction!

Photo by Addition Elle – The new Laval store

New brands

First of all, Addition Elle is bringing more “outsite” brands in store and online. City Chic, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, Lucky Brand and, that perfect 90’s vibe with BODYGLOVE swimwear. 

New price tags

Then, on another day, I was at the nearby shopping mall and I walked by the Addition Elle store.. The window display was so pretty, and the collection was SOOOOO beautiful. I decided to go in and try on some of it.

I guess I tried on 7-8 outfits: dresses, pants, tops, skirts.. name it! The fit was right (as usual), the materials were great.. and BAM!! What the hell?!

The prices are LOWER than before!

This one I didn’t see coming! I swear, I couldn’t believe it. And it wasn’t an error: all the tags were priced accordingly.

As I got out of the dressing room, I asked someone “Is it just me, or did you lower the prices of everything in store?” The employee told me that they have a new marketing strategy: Addition Elle won’t have promotions in stores anymore. It will be online only, and maybe a couple times a year top. BUT they lowered considerably all their price tags, so it’s even better for the customers than having a 10% or 30% off here and there from time to time! NICE!!

Then, I heard someone say that the management changed at the top: someone from Europe is now in charge of the Addition Elle branch! That’s why so many changes occured lately! 

New concept store(s)

Let’s talk about a MAJOR change: the new Addition Elle store at Carrefour Laval. They chose the designer Andy Thê-Anh as their Design Director, and WOW! This store really set the bar up high! This store is the first one with that concept in Canada.

Photo: Addition Elle

The space has now a Miami kind of vibe, ready to host events like Addition Elle Live, a serie of events for the customers like learning embroidery, floral arrangements, have discussions with women entrepreneurs and soon, a meditation session. All in all, the Laval store now has a very clean and refined look.

And talking about Andy Thê-Anh, the Montreal fashion designer is not just using his magic touch on the aesthetics of the stores. He will have his very own collection with Addition Elle in Spring 2020! I can’t wait to see that!!!

New service

Another great news, Addition Elle is now offering Personal Styling and Fit Sessions in their new concept store in Laval. The session is free, and you have to register in advance. You can choose between an hour long session, or an express one for half an hour. When you arrive, your stylist will have a rack of clothing ready for you, with items chosen on your tastes and needs.

With everything new lately at Addition Elle, this is THE breath of fresh air I needed, to rekindle my relashionship with the brand.

Will you check out the new Laval store? Which brand are you dying to try on?


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  1. May 24, 2019 / 8:10 am

    Love this store. I have to order online because there’s none in the east coast in the US but I’m happy for the changes.

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