OMG! Have you seen the latest Ashley Graham X Swimsuits for all Collection?

Are you looking for a new bathing suit this Summer? Something feminine, definitely sexy that will practically be unique here in Quebec? Well look no further, because Ashley Graham just dropped a new collection with Swimsuits for All.

Photo: Swimsuits for all

Swimsuits for all is know for its amazing range of size (from size 4 to 40), and their collabs are always something you don’t wanna miss (GabiFresh and Ashley Graham‘s are my favorite!).

And this time is no exception. This collection’s theme is GROWING UP GRAHAM, and features Ashley and her younger sister Abigail.

Photo: Swimsuits for all

The Graham sisters are gorgeous (of course!!). It’s nice to see them take a pose together and have fun on set. 

Photo: Swimsuits for all

Even though Ashley has that “plus size for the industry” supermodel amazing body, it’s nice to see the swimwear on her sister who is a little more chubby. I particularly liked to see the Vertex swimsuit on Abigail, as well as the Gala one shoulder one piece. (as shown above and under)

Photo: Swimsuits for all

Those two are my favorite pieces from the collection, and seeing it on Graham’s younger sister sold it to me. I saw how the swimwear looks on a chunkier body, up to where the bottom part rises when you don’t have a model-like flat stomach, how long is the skirt and things like that. I know I am still bigger than Abigail, but it was a nice indicator. 

If you are more daring or comfortable with your body than me, the pieces like the Phenom triangle monokini, the Majestic Plunge one piece or the Legendary bikini will be perfect for you. (as shown above)

Photo: Swimsuits for all

So if you don’t want to be wearing the same swimsuit than your friends at the next pool party, check this out. Not a lot of people are aware of the Swimsuits for All brand here in Quebec, so go get the swimsuit of your dreams before it sells out in the US!

Right now, you get 40% off the entire Ashley Graham collection, AND free shipping if you are in the USA (or shipping to a Kinek counter in the United States). 

So what are you waiting for? Summer is just around the corner!

For more info about the Swimsuits for all sizes and ordering tips, check my other blog post about it HERE.

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