Call it Spring X Disney’s Aladdin collection: a perfect grown up collab

Arabian niiiiiiights, like Arabian daaaaaaaaaaaays, more often than not, are hotter than hot in a lot of good waaaaaaaaaaaays!

I had this stuck in my head for the last couple days when I heard Call it Spring and Disney’s Aladdin were having a collection.

In my childhood, I saw Aladdin so many times I can still sing all the songs. My mom had a daycare at home when were were young, so there was always a Disney movie playing somewhere, but Aladdin was the “new one” back then, so it has played at least once a day for a while.

I was really happy when I learned Disney had a remake coming for Aladdin, but with a real cast – real people. Yes, I heard people laugh about Will Smith playing the Genie, but honestly it doesn’t bother me. I like it. He seems to be the closest to what Robin Williams did in the 90’s for the character.

Needless to say, when I heard that Spring had a collab with Disney’s Aladdin, I almost lost it. You are ACTUALLY combining my childhood movie WITH my passion for shoes?! Get out the way, I need this!!

This collection is perfection. It is INSPIRED by the movie, so you can see hints here and there of the Aladdin world without being too litteral. It’s in the colors they used, the materials, the prints.. This is the perfect collab for the grown up fans that we are!

The women collection includes a little something for everyone: from high heels to flat shoes, sneakers, sandals, purses and jewelry that are so colourful.

My heart goes to the sparkling navy sneakers. I love them so much!! I can see myself wearing it everywhere..

I’m also in love with the Arabiannights navy sequin loafers. Yup, you got me at sequins, Spring shoes! I’m not sure if I would be comfortable in flat shoes like these all day long, but I’m willing to try them for sure!

On the men’s side, they played with tan colors and mix of materials, BUT I think my favorite pieces are in the men’s section.

The Lammp brown slip-on shoes are genius! (hehehe) I really love the mix of materials: the woven back of the shoe, the leather-like front of it, the seams on the sole, the tiny-little lamp on the side (which is classy, and just enough to remind the fans without turning into children shoes) and… THE LION STAMPED ON TOP OF THE FEET! I immediately remembered the opening of my childhood movie when I saw these..

I also love the VIZIER brown slip-on shoes, which is another version of the same shoe (in my eyes), with the two materials mixing in the front and back of the shoe, but instead of the lion stamped on the shoes, this one has a diamond shaped pattern of mini holes on top.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite item in this Call it Spring x Disney’s Alladin collection? Let me know!

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