Shrill: a delicious BoPo tv serie

Have you heard of the television serie SHRILL? All I knew was that this tv show was based on a book called SHRILL: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West. And it stars the wonderful Aidy Bryant as the main character.

The story is simple: a fat young woman wants to change her life, but not her body.

In the first episode, we meet Annie (Aidy Bryant) and her ridiculous boyfriend who totally takes her for granted. He makes her exit through the back gate to avoid his roommates, he doesn’t consider her and her feelings, he is not reliable, he cheats on her… and she doesn’t say a thing because, in her words, THIS RELASHIONSHIP IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Then we meet her lovely roommate and best friend Fran, played brilliantly by Lolly Adefope. She is a loud, lesbian, proud black woman and the discussion they have together will make Annie realize that she doesn’t necessairly have to take everything from everyone. She is the one who reacts to her “better than nothing relation” by replying “IS IT REALLY WHAT YOU EXPECTED FROM YOUR LIFE? A BETTER THAN NOTHING RELATIONSHIP?!”

And from that simple sentence, something clicked with me. I have been in complicated, not-that-fun relashionships in my life where I remember telling my friends “So what if he says or act like that.. This relationship(ish) is all I have for now.. People are clearly not standing in line for me, so it’s better than nothing!”

Sometimes, you say thing about yourself and it’s wrong but you don’t see it like this. Your friends, your family tells you to get out of it, try to make you understand but I don’t know.. it doesn’t ring true to you. But in that moment, seeing it on a character I totally identified with made me see it under another angle. IT. WAS. SO.WRONG.

And that’s only one side of this delicious tv show. Annie is also bullied by her boss about her image (overweight = ewww!), she is dealing with a difficult situation with her father AND her mother is always trying to enroll her in new diets..

BUT!! She will realize she has power over her own life, and she acutally CAN change things around her if she dare to talk back, speak up and react when something doesn’t make her feel good.

SHRILL was therapeutic for me. It mirrored my own journey into accepting who I am and building my own confidence.

May I say the POOL PARTY scene brought tears to my eyes, because I felt the EXACT same thing when I was in New York 6 years ago, for my first Plus Size Fashion Event. And I felt the same thing again in 2017 when I attended the CurvyCon for the first time.

I won’t say it enough: having a group of friends like you, who share the same passions and the same struggles is really where I started to see my own potential..

Shrill’s first season has 6 episodes (about 1 hour long each), and I watched it in 2 nights. I laughed, I cried, it made me think and realize things about my own life… And when the last episode ended, I wanted more!! Oh, and if you are die hard fans of Saurday Night Live, you will recongnize many comedians in the show. BECK BENNETT. It’s all I have to say… I looked and a second season will be available in 2020! I can’t wait!!!

So if you ask me “Which tv show should I start next?”, my answer will be quick: HAVE YOU SEEN SHRILL? 

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