Eloquii X Priscilla Ono collection

Oh. My. Gosh. Have you seen the Eloquii and Priscilla Ono collection?

It came out about a month ago, and people went crazy.. Including me!

Priscilla (the celebrity make up artist behind A LOT of Rihanna’s look) has been a fan and devoted client to Eloquii for a while, so the plus size brand approached her to merge her unique bright, sense of style with their perfect fittings.

The collection is very feminine and offers trend-driven functionnal pieces while being sexy and comfortable. There is cargo pants, loose fitting shirts and jackets, sheer tops and even a make up holder belt bag. Honestly, this 90’s inspired collection took us all by surprise!

And the colors! Oh my, the colors…. I really felt the Priscilla influence here: bright neons (green, orange and coral), deep blue and a flashy magenta are the cherry on top.

I’ve always been a fan of Eloquii, and they are my absolute favorite place to shop (online – for now!), it’s no secret. Their pieces are trendy, comfortable and frankly, I haven’t seen anything like this in our Canadian plus size stores.

And they are affordable. Even in US Dollars. TIPS: Eloquii always have a sale. ALWAYS. I swear, everything that I’ve bought from Eloquii has always been on sale, cleareance or I had coupons to use.

Photo: Katerine Guertin

This time though, I paid this order full price. I wanted to get my hands on some of the collab with Priscilla Ono so badly, I ordered as soon as my credit card could so they wouldn’t run out of my size.

Talking about size, Eloquii’s sizes are going from 14 to 32, and so does their collection with Priscilla Ono! And from the 3 items I got from the collab, I can say that the sizing was generous.

I got the blue pants in a size 22, and I’m VERY comfortable in them. The wide leg fit are REALLY loose as they should, and the waist (which has an elastic at the back) feels a tiny bit big on me, but I kept it anyway. I figured I could tuck my shirt in easily. But the cross front of the pants is really what I was obsessed with. It’s simply perfect.

Photo: Katerine Guertin

Then I saw the sheer blue top, and I figured the material would not have any stretch in it, and I wanted to make sure the buttons would close.. So the sizes are 18-20 or 22-24, and since I’m usually a 20-22 (arghhhhhh!), I ordered both sizes. I tried the 18-20 and it was still pretty loose on me, so I kept it and returned the 22-24.

I really like the look of those two pieces together. Blue on blue. I wore it with a plain black bra underneath, but I will be able to wear the duo at work with a black cami, or wear the blouse open with a pair of jeans and a cami again.

Photo: Katerine Guertin

The last item is this OH! SO! DAMN! PERFECT! ruffle sleeve smocked bodice top. I instantly fell in love with this romantic look. It’s a crop top, so I paired it here with my high waisted navy blue joggers, but it could have been with a skirt or a high waisted pair of jeans.

The Eloquii X Priscilla Ono collection is so versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down, wear it for a fashion event or to go to work.. I love the whole thing..

Now, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the neon green jumpsuit and the orange dress/jacket to go on sale..

What do you think about the collection? Love it or hate it?

Photo: Katerine Guertin

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  1. chantal
    May 16, 2020 / 1:51 pm

    Hi Emy! Probably unlikely but would you consider selling the purple ruffle top?

    • Emily
      May 28, 2020 / 9:26 am

      Hi Chantal! For the moment, I really like this top and I’m not ready to sell it yet. You can check my Poshmark account and whenever I Marie-Kondo my wardrobe and sell it, it will be showing there! Have a great day!

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