Did I just see Ardene Curve stores?

Yes I did! I went to the Place Versailles in Montreal the other day because I needed boots. We went to Ardene, and I didn’t fit in their boots (sizes stops at 10), so I decided to ask if they would have any plus size clothing in store and THEY DID!


First of all, this is the largest Ardene store I’ve ever seen. The Place Versailles location is HUGE! And the plus size section is.. rather small. Everything is super well displayed on a section…….. of a small wall. If you look too far left it’s regular sizes, and too far right, regular sizes again. All the racks on the floor it’s regular sizes so don’t bother.. But they do have something in stores, so we’ll take it!

I decided to try on two dresses, a pair of pants and a crop top.

The first item I tried on was a black and white stripes, long sleeves and faux wrap dress in a size 3X.

The fabric was really nice, it has alot of stretch, super soft and it has a cool feeling when you touch it. Let’s say I can see myself wearing something like that at work, and not be sweating my life in the months of May/June..

I also liked the faux wrap effect, because I’m not busty enough to fill a wrap dress, and it usually keeps opening and showing my bra and all.. And I’m also scared of wrap dresses because it can easily open from top to bottom.. Okay, this could be nice at home in front of your partner, but in the streets, the metro or at work… not that fun! So by sewing it up, it secures me A LOT.

Weirdly enough, that dress is NOT on Ardene’s website…… I looked on there and curiously, they actually had more variety on the floor, than what they have in the Curve section online..

Then, I tried on the black paper bag pants in a size 3X, and the off-shoulders foil crop top in a size 3x as well.

Those pants were not fitting, that’s why we didn’t really focus on them.. If they would’ve had a size up, it was so close..

The top was nice and shiny, and the fit was great. It would’ve looked better if I wore something high waisted like a skirt and high heels..

Finally, I tried that mustard wrapped mini dress in a size 3X. Again, the fabric has a lot of stretch, is super soft and kind of cool to the touch.

This dress is a real wrap dress, so I had to pull a few tricks to make it fit my small breasts. This is totally the kind of dress that would look great on a busty woman..

Anyway, I was blown away that I actually fit in some of Ardene’s Curve collection, since it’s Junior Plus Size (meaning, it’s smaller sizes than our “usual plus sizes specialized stores” sizes..).

It’s really nice to see a regular size store like Ardene giving the plus collection a chance on the floor for once.

The only thing we could wish for now, it that they don’t give up on us. They really need to advertise this, to bring plus size customers to their stores.. A few posters on the walls, something on your website making it easier to find the Curve section, mixing it up on your social medias (add a couple plus size pictures, an hashtage for the Curve collection, repost pics from your plus customers wearing it – but not only sizes 8-10 kind of chubbier girls, real plus size girls/women..) Forever21 does it, ASOS does it and it works so well, and it doesn’t cost a thing to post or repost on social medias, guys!!

Also, a sign at the door (in stores) telling if you are carrying plus sizes is a great way to invite people who are not usually shopping at your place. A real eye opener.

Another way to do that? Maybe bring your sizes up to a 4X, 5X, 6X. The collection runs a little small anyway.. You can do this! Who doesn’t want to be able to fit in nice and affordable fashion!

We all know a chubby teenager who would love to go shopping with her friends but cannot fit in the same sizes or stores.. And Ardene, I know you are the go-to place for young people to shop! Everything is always so trendy and unexpensive, this is THE place to shop for 13-24 years old.

So I’m telling you, if you are looking for a great outfit at an affordable price tag, this is it! Check it out for yourself in stores!

*Not every stores carries the Curve collection. Maybe call your local Ardene store to check!

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