A+ by Anthropologie

On March 15th, the American brand Antropologie launched their plus size clothing line called A+. Online and in (American) stores, you will find over a hundred items offered in sizes 16 to 26.

When I googled Anthropologie, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we have a store downtown Montreal on De La Montagne. I decided to go yesterday to see the collection for myself!

Anthropologie is like a grown up version of Urban Outfitters. You can find home decor, fashion accessories and of course, pretty-pretty clothes.

They create for 5 types of ladies: soft & delicate, boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic and modern sporty. If you are one of these types, you will fall in love with the brand so fast..

So I went to the Montreal location with the intention of trying some clothes to evaluate the fit, see the fabrics, and visit their store because I never went before.

First of all, I had a hard time findind the place. The entrance door is a couple steps down, and there is no big sign or anything. Once I saw the discreet display window with a dark “Anthropologie” written, I was fine.

I got in, and I was greeted by a big poster of the new A+ collection! This is a first, in the plus size history!! A regular-size store, advertizing their plus size collection? Nope! Never saw that at H&M and Suzy Shier!! (Ever wondered why they pulled back their plus size collection from stores?!)

Every items I saw online from the A+ collection was everywhere on the first floor! The yellow draped skirt, the matching boho crop top and skirt, the gorgeous white garden party dress, but……. everything is in regular size.

There is no plus size in Canadian stores for the moment. Right now, only the Toronto store is lucky enough to be able to have the A+ collection. I asked and the employees are not aware if or when we will have access to plus size in Canadian stores..

A+ by Anthropologie

But!! If you want to save money, instead of buying the A+ collection online (in American dollars, paying shipping AND customs…), the lovely employee gave me a trick. Check online what you want (the items and the sizes you need), go in store and they will order it for you. You pay at the store (in Canadian dollars, or course!), and you will receive your order right at home – no shipping or customs to pay! When you order in the Anthropologie store, they ask the Toronto store for a transfer so you can skip all those fees. *wink wink*

While I was there, I checked the gorgeous fabrics and I saw the price tag.. I must say, it’s not located on De La Montagne for nothing! When your neighbours are Marie St-Pierre and Holt Renfrew, you have to keep it up!

It is expensive. I cannot lie, it’s out of my budget. I would really like to have a couple of these amazing pieces, but you know.. life happens! I have other bills to pay.

But I really, REALLY love Anthropologie for: their openness for giving the A+ collection a chance to sell, for advertizing, for giving us the same designs as regular sizes for the same price as regular sizes..!

I only have good words for the brand so far because they accomplished way more than what the other regular-size stores brands promised us. In this era where body positivity and size inclusitivy are amongst the most popular subjects fashion wise, Anthropologie really is showing how it should have been done years ago.

And I swear, if their collection was not that expensive, they would easily change the plus size shopping game in Montreal.

*mic drop*

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