Findation: find out your perfect foundation shade online

Have you always wanted to try a new foundation but you’re never sure which shade matches your skin tone? How many time I ended up not buying an online foundation because I didn’t know which color to choose.. Well, someone thought it was time to do something about it, and created FINDATION.

Findation is a website where you enter a couple of your favorite foundation shades, and it will tell you which shade you should be for almost every brand or foundation collection around.

I didn’t know if it was going to be accurate or not, so I tried it.

I wanted to get the MakeUp Revolution Conceal and Define foundation. Since we do not have any stores carrying it, I knew I had to buy it online.

I entered my last foundation shade (NYX – Can’t stop Won’t Stop in shade Porcelain). The more foundations you enter, the better. It’s going to be alot more accurate if you give them a few options.. So I also wrote my NYX Stick foundation, and a Maybelline one in my shade.

Then, Findation said I should be a F3 in Makeup Revolution’s Conceal and Define foundation. I wasn’t sure, it seemed to be a little dark on my screen, so I waited..

A week later, I went to the new Ulta Beauty store in Plattsburgh (LOVE!! LOVE IT!!), and I saw the F3 Conceal and Define. I tried it on my hand and it wasn’t that dark.. So I turned around and picked up my usual NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation in my shade Porcelain, and pour a little on my hand.

Side by side, they looked the same! I spread them a little and it was REALLY the perfect shade for me.

So I tested it and YES, Findation works!!

So next time you want to try a new foundation, put Findation to the test. It didn’t let me down, so go ahead and buy that new foundation! Let me know how it turned out!

MakeUp Revolution Conceal and Define’s many shades..

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