Valentine’s day with myself

Valentine’s day is the most overrated “holiday” ever. Cheesy romantic movies, candle lighe dinners and heart shaped, red boxes of chocolate from the drugstores.. 

This year, I will spend Valentine’s day with myself, but instead of feeling sad for reminiscing that I’m single again, I will turn this shit around and spend a wonderful day pampering myself. 

First of all, I want to start the evening with a nice bath, a glass of wine and some music. Don’t forget to add a little something extra to your bath like salts, bubbles or (my favorite) a bath bomb from Lush. Their Valentine’s collection include a peach bath bomb, or the eggplant one (rawrrrrr!). Dim the lights, add a few candles around, close your eyes and enjoy doing NOTHING, laying in hot water.. You can also use this time to put on a hair mask, wrap your hair up, forget about it and relaaaaaaax…

I usually get out of the tub when I’m all wrinkly and the water is getting cold. I will put on something that makes me feel sexy. For myself. It could be lingerie, a silky pajama you don’t wear “on weeknights”.. You know what makes you feel good. 

From now, I have two options: I go out with my single friends to have a drink OR I stay in and watch a movie or two.

Option 1: Go out for a drink

I will take my time, do my hair, my makeup and get changed before leaving.

Option 2: Stay in

In that case, I will poor myself another glass of wine, apply a facemask (like the Watermelon one I found at Sephora), watch a couple movies and before going to bed, I will apply my lip mask by La Neige.

And you? What are your plans for Valentine’s day?


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