What should you wear for an interview

A couple weeks ago, my friend Edith texted me that she would be interviewed for a tv show about body diversity, and that they were still looking for participants. If I was comfortable with the subject (duh!!) and if I was free, I just had to contact the person in charge and I’d be in!

Well, of course, that was the easy part. All I knew form the tv show was that there was no hair and make up (no problem, I am comfortable doing it myself) and that we would be sitting on a couch for the interview..

I was able to see an episode of the television show on Youtube, so I saw which angles they usually shoot, what was the couch like, if our legs were visible (yes!) so I already had some guidelines to help me choose my outfit.

The fact that we would be sitting and having no table or desk in front of us meant I didn’t want to wear any skirts or dresses. I wanted to concentrate on the interviewer’s questions not on how to cross my legs or if my underwear is showing, so I decided to wear jeans or pants.

I also didn’t want to wear black from head to toe (to break that freakin’ fat-fashion rule), but I don’t have a lot of nice tops (that are not work clothes) that are not black.. I have to remember that next time I’m shopping!

So here is what I picked up from my wonderful Pax Dresser:

It looked very similar to that picture I put together for you guys:

You could easily go to a television or a job interview dressed like this. I like that the blazer gives a “classy/corporate” look even worn with jeans, but be careful if you’re wearing distressed jeans. Those may not be suitable for every occasions..

This is my fashion tip: if you want to elevate your (moderate) distressed jeans look, wear it with high heels and a blazer.

On set with Valerie (interviewer), Edith (Plus size backpacker) and myself

Check my social medias: I will tell you when the interview will be broadcast!

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