GabiFresh new “Force of Nature” swimwear collection

January is here, and so is the first 2019 swimwear collection!

First of all, let’s talk about GabiFresh‘s  latest collab with Swimsuits for All.

I was very excited when I saw the pictures. I mean, everything Gabi touches turns to gold. She is gorgeous, her sense of style is impeccable and the lady knows all her angles! Her lookbooks are always flawless. 

But the more I look at the swimsuits, the more the glam faded away.. I think this is the least interesting collection Gabi offered so far. 

Besides the Tempest Bikini with it’s heather grey tshirt look (above, on the right), I think all the other swimsuits are sparkless versions of something we already seen from her. 

The Habitat X-back swimsuit is interesting as well from the back, but the front is so… basic! I don’t know, it doesn’t do it for me.

Usually Gabi has 1 collection out in January, and a second one in March or April. When I look back on previous collections, it’s usually the Spring collection that has the real showstoppers. 

If we think about the Athena swimsuit,  or the black one with the lace, or the entire Santa Monica Pier photoshoot for her carnival collection.. everything was stunning!! But it was on the March-April release!

So I think I’ll wait to see what Swimsuits for all and GabiFresh will have in store at Spring!

If you are interested though, here is the link to her collection.

Here is the video promo for Gabifresh’s new ELEMENTS collection

The collection offers sizes 10 to 24, and up to an G/H cups.

Don’t forget, her collection is usually made REALLY small. I had to choose a size 24 when I wear a size 20 jeans.. And I usually wear a bra size B/C, and the bikini top is a D/DD and it fits perfectly. Read the reviews, it will help you alot!!

My lovely Athena bikini

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