2018 in retrospect

Ahhh this is the time when we recall the good, the bad and the funny episodes that happened throughout the year.

My best moments were 


  • Starting a new blog and building it the way I really wanted to. With the help of a friend, I achieve what I always wanted: to get a sleek, clean and professional fashion blog dedicated to my plus size ladies.
  • Getting to work with my friend and amazing photographer, miss Katerine Guertin. I didn’t know if we could be a great fit because I am clearly plus size, and she is at the other end of the spectrum, but despite our body shapes being dramatically different, she knows her stuff. She know which poses I should try and those that won’t be as flattering for me. I never felt any judgement from her and she always encourages me to go forward and try new things. That’s why she is somehow my “official photographer” for my favorite looks and all.
  • Justin Timberlake’s tickets went on sale. My friend and I went crazy and decide to splurge a little: let’s get our seats so close to the stage we will be able to whisper in his ear.. We got amazing tickets for Justin’s Man Of The Woods tour and it completely ate all the credit left on my VISA card.. A few months later, we got to see the love of our lives on  stage, and ouf… he gave us quite a show! We agreed that Man of the woods was not his best album (or concert compared to the last one – The 20/20 experience) but it was nice to finally be able to see him up close. I did not regret those seats.. 
Our seats


  • In the month of May, my friend and I were in Plattsburgh to spend the day at Target so when we were walking in the mall, my friend stopped walking and stared away, hyperventilating, saying “oh my!! no!! NOO WAY!!!!!!” so I turned and I saw it: TORRID OPENING SOON! .. My dear Torrid stores, you don’t know how many times we used to drive back and forth to Albany (4 hours away from Montreal) to shop in your nearest store at the time.. Well it was about time that you decided to open not 1, but 2 stores near the Quebec’s border! One store is in Plattsburgh, and the second one is now open in Burlington. Don’t worry, we will visit the second location soon.. Read the post HERE.


  • Gathering the confidence to do a swimwear photoshoot with a regular size model by my side. Yes, I was surrounded by my favorite photographer and her friend (blogger and model Isabelle), but I knew I would look gigantic by her side. The point we wanted to make was that we all struggle with insecurities. It was a great body positive blog post we each wrote, with our point of view and experience with our body image and we shared it with our pictures in bikinis. The pictures ended up gorgeous, and yes I am bigger than Isabelle, of course.. but we are all beautiful in our own way. You can read the post and see the pictures HERE


  • In August, my friend Edith asked me if I would agree to do an interview for Radio Canada (CBC) about body diversity in social medias. I said yes (of course!!) and Edith and I got to meet two local bloggers: Duchelle and Jessica Prudencio. Those girls are amazingly smart, articulate, and they really work it. The point we showed across on tv was that if you want to get more confidence, if you want to feel beautiful in your own skin and you are struggling with your body image, surround yourself with positive models that looks like you. Because if you can find on the internet someone who carves people faces in pickles, chances are that you can find people like you on social medias, right?! With hashtags these days, it’s easier to follow #PlusSizeBlogger, #PlusSizeFashion, #PlusSizeOutfitOfTheDay and all.. It’s really important for us to give the younger ones hope, and it really came across the interview. Thank you Radio Canada and Marie-Laurence for giving us a time to shine on television! See the interview (in French) HERE.
  • Back in August, Josiane Stratis (from Ton Petit Look) created Incluses, a fashion project that gave local designer the chance to produce for plus size people. They adjusted their patterns to give us the amazing designs we saw on stage. I was amongst the models who walked the runway during Festival Mode & Design in Montreal for Incluses and I was so glad to be a part of that project. Great job Josiane!!
  • Just before going to the CurvyCon, Old Navy announced that their plus size collection will be back IN STORES in the USA. This great news was very much appreciated to the Curvycon attendees, since Old Navy was at the event to make us try some jeans, and tell us about that big news. I can’t wait to see this happening in our Old Navy Stores in Canada! Read the GLAMOUR Magazine article about it, HERE.
Photo par la Banque Nationale pour INCLUSES


  • This year, I was incredibly thankful for two partnerships I got. The first one was with ModCloth, who asked me if I would be interested to wear their clothes to the CurvyCon in exchange for visibility on social medias. I didn’t really know ModCloth at the time, and it was a great discovery. The second one was with a new plus size brand called Marée pour toi. They sent me items from their debut collection and I was very impressed by it. They have an incredible fabric quality and their designs are just perfect for full figured ladies. Go check them out!
  • Not long after that, I flew to New York (real jet set! I know, hehehe) to get to the anticipated CurvyCon. I reconnected with my roommates, met new friends over there, had fun at dinners with them, and we made memories. The CurvyCon itself was really fun too, we danced together, partied together, shared experiences and learned from one another. The beauty of this kind of event is that you don’t need a friend when you come in, because you know you will meet new ones over there. It might be a little intimidating at first, but when we all have that little something in common, it’s way easier to talk to your neighbour of laugh with the people at the bar.. Thank you CeCe and Chastity for creating this great get-together event that is the CurvyCon. Read my blog posts about The CurvyCon HERE.
  • Two days before I left for New York, my friend had an idea: Why don’t you book a photoshoot while being in New York! You would have amazing pictures that you won’t have over here, with a unique scenery that is Manhattan.. She was right, I had to do it. So I contacted someone who works in the plus size fashion industry and asked her if she knew a couple photographers in the Manhattan area. She gave me a few names, but when she said LYDIA HUDGENS my heart stopped. I litterally love her! Her work is always street style and so true. I had to ask her. She answered that she was fully booked that week, except for one day, from 8 to 9am. That time slot is mine: SOLD! So I got to do a photoshoot with the lovely Miss Hudgens in Soho.. Read bout my experience with Lydia Hudgens HERE.
Photo by Lydia Hudgens


  • In October, there was an opening on an office job that I really wanted for a while. It was hard to leave my fabulous team, where I spent the last 11 years but it’s gonna be for the best. I’m finally able to say that I have stability now.

The bad stuff 2018 brought

  • When I left my old job, I knew I would now have to go to work downtown Montreal. I love it, it’s in the heart of the action, the malls, the restaurants (of course, now that I’m on the tightest budget ever!!) but the downside is that I have to start taking the Métro again. I genuinely hate taking our subway for various reasons (it’s freaking hot and humid in summer without AC in the trains, I hate being squished on people, body odors and all..) but mostly because it’s always stuck somewhere. Slow service, technical difficulties, emergency interventions.. I know it’s not politically correct to say it, but if parking was not 250$/month around here, I would gladly take my car to drive everyday!! I miss it..
  • This year, my lovely cat Gloria developped allergies. She would lick, scratch and eat the fur on her paws, and overgroom her lower belly until she became hairless on those areas. Then she became sick, throwing up huge hairballs 3-4 times a day, bile everywhere.. it was not fun. I had several visit to the Vet and we tried all kind of treatments (KA$HING!!) until he told me to go see a dermatologist at Lachine DMV Vets. The dermatologist told me it was indeed allergies, but instead of charing me 800$ for allergy tests, she prescribed a medicine that worked instantly. This medicine is not cheap (about 130$ the 17ml bottle) and she will need it probably for the rest of her life, but we finally found a treatment that works. 
  • After our appearance at Radio Canada television, the link to the interview was all over social medias. People liked it (or not) and commented below, but most of the comments were fatphobic, mean and by closeminded people. The interviewer (a slim, pretty, regular size woman) couldn’t believe it. We (the fat ones) knew it would be like that, but it was a total game changer on her side. She realized what it was like for us, to be constantly judged on our every move. We eat fast food (look at the fatty eat!), we eat a salad (look at the fatty on a diet!), we are sitting down (she’s so lazy she has to sit down!), we are taking a fitness class (lol look at the fatty sweat!), we are confident on social medias (pfff! they are just promoting obesity!).. It doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do, there is always someone who will be judging us on our weight. Read my blog post about those hateful comments HERE.

I must say 2018 was not a bad year at all. It was full of surprises, of new friends, opportunities and new projects.

I hope 2019 will be a great year for you all, and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

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