Black Friday Haul – on a budget

Oh my, since I changed jobs about a month ago , I can tell you that I’m living on a very tight budget. (You can read my blog about it here) I was on the same function for the last 11 years, so I couldn’t complain: I reached the top – salary wise – but if I wanted to go higher and further, I needed to go a level up. Doing so, I had to start at the bottom, meaning losing 5$/hour – about 100$ less in my wallet everyweek!! It’s torture!

Needless to say, I knew Christmas would be hard this year. My family and friends knows about it and they are very comprehensive. Anyway, Christmas in my family is always about seeing each other, eating and celebrating together.

But Black Friday…. boy that one was hard to pass. I decided that I wouldn’t/couldn’t buy anything, until my roommate from CurvyCon texted me to remind me to use the many Gift Cards we got at the event. Hmmm…  I will get the most of it at this time of year, and so.. I’ll look into that. Thank you Sharita for the reminder!!


First, I was bombarded by Colourpop Cosmetics emails about a week before, so I looked and marked my favorite items in advance. On Saturday, they decided to extend the free shipping AND adding 20% off lipsticks.. uh.. HELLO!!! *waving* So I ordered for the very first time at Colourpop, including lipsticks, an eye shadow and a Supernova shadow. I paid  an enormous 28$, hehehe.. And that was my biggest expense in weeks!


Then, I had a ModCloth gift card, so I ordered a bright yellow, long sleeves shirt with a Dashund on the side. It was so cute.. I just hope it fits since the sizing was in UK. I also ordered a gray peplum-ish blouse that seemed so comfortable.. And finally, I got a pretty and girly doormat from their HOME section. At checkout, I saw that people OUTSIDE THE USA with gift cards or store credit have to use it BEFORE december 31st, because it won’t be accepted anymore in 2019.. This sucks!! People can use gift cards internationally so why ModCloth, WHY?! ..


After that, I got a few things from LOFT (again with a giftcard we got at a CurvyCon event). I was finally able to get my pretty dress (the same one the actress Joy Nash wore at the CurvyCon), a nice plaid shirt, a chic black blouse with a little lace, and the gorgeous mustard-yellow sweater I saw at Loft, back in September. This warm and cozy sweater really caught my eye back then, and I kept looking online if my size was still available almost every week so I’m really glad I got it at a discount price. (Didn’t cost a thing, and I still have credit on the gift card)


In New York, we also had a 50$ gift card from CoEdition. I didn’t know that store, but they carry amazing plus size brands and have really, REALLY nice pieces. Some brands are more expensive than others, but I got a nice City Chic blazer for 55$. I will gladly pay the extra 5$, no problem!


Finally, the last giftcard I had was the Torrid one, worth 25$. I already tried on a nice pair of over-the-knee boots in store, but I didn’t take it right away because it was full price. Now, the 90$ boots were 50% off, AND with the gift card.. So I spent only 20$ on my oh-so-wonderful boots!

So my 2018 Black Friday haul cost me about 53$ !!
Black Friday Haul girl trying to decide on the deals

Photo: Katerine PhotoArtiste

With my new tight budget, I am so thankful that CurvyCon gave us so many gift cards in the Platinum swag bags (CoEdition and Torrid).

I also wanted to thank LOFT for the Gift Card they sent to my roommates and I after going to their event, and ModCloth for sponsoring my looks at the CurvyCon and for the gift card.

Did you get amazing deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday as well? Let me know about it!!

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