Dating stories – The Poker Guy (part 1) *This is my fave story to tell*

This story is my favorite Dating Story to share, so I kept it for last. Whenever I talk about this guy, I love to watch the face of my friends because I know… This story causes a reaction, every damn time! Poker Guy, this is your time to shine..

Tinder Introduction

I was home on a Sunday afternoon, back in November in 2016, when I received a Tinder Super Like. I went to look at the guy, and he was cute, went to Harvard, is some kind of Poker prodigy, so why not! I “liked” him in return, and I received a message instantly. He told me he was from the USA but he was in Montreal for a Poker Tournament. He told me he really liked my pictures and he wanted to know if we could meet that same night. I told him no, that I have my laundry and grocery to make, but he kept telling me he was great at folding clothes and he could carry my grocery bag home. I still told him no, but I was free tomorrow night if he wanted to meet. He said yes. Deal! But before I went to bed, he texted me “You know I’m a big guy.. so if you rather go out with an athletic dude, I just want you to know that it’s not gonna be me. I know some girls don’t like big guys so I wanted you to know..” Look dude, I don’t care if you are a big guy. You are cute, funny and interesting.

The first date

So on Monday night, I picked him up at his AirBnb house. He sat in my car, and we started talking right away. No awkward moment. He was tall and cute, and very charming so I was pleasantly surprised. Good job Tinder for once! I drove to Rockaberry to eat a gigantic dessert, because he asked where we could get desserts for fat people – and the fat jokes were rolling! But never in a disrecpectful way. It was more an inside joke since we were both plus size people.

While driving, he told me he was a professional poker player, and he was travelling all over the USA and Canada for a living. Then he told me that he was single, and nothing held him back in his city. That he loved Montreal, and he could move here if he had someone to love….. I mean, come on!! He is full on flirting, telling what every girl would like to hear.. I was not sold yet, it was all too good to be true. So I asked him why he was single if he was so cute and all, and he told me distance scares women away. He couldn’t find anyone who was okay with his job, traveling all the time.. Ok, that I could understand..

So we got out of the car in the parking lot, walking to the restaurant and Woop! He got closer and wanted to kiss me! What? Now? I think I turned my head and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and continued walking. Weirdest timing ever for a first kiss..

We ate our desserts and talked, and his phone was buzzing non stop. I really had fun getting to know the guy. And at a moment it was time to go, so we left, got back in my car and he kissed me. He was a good kisser. He really seemed to like me. He liked to touch my hair, my face, my belly, my thighs… Places people don’t usually touch or grab on my body (and places I don’t particularly like on my body) but he was so into it, I began to think maybe I just had a complex vis-a-vis my body.

I dropped him off at his place, and that was it. He wanted me to text him when I got home to make sure I was okay (awwww that’s sweet).

The second date

So the next day, he was busy at the Poker Tournament, but he texted me the day after to see if I was free. Yep! He said he would like to come to my place, to chill and watch a movie… Pfff yeah right, dude! I don’t think so.. Let go out, grab a beer! He said yes, so it was the same deal: I drive, he pays. This time, when I picked him up at the house, the moment he got in my car he kissed me and touched me, and smiled at me.. Awwww.. I really felt good with him.

So we went to Le Trèfle and spent the evening there. We knew it was our last date before he flew back to the USA, but he told me there was another Tournament in Montreal in February, so we would see each other soon.

Waiting for him to comeback

During the next few days, we texted alot. He texted me from the plane, letting me know everything was okay.. I told him I was going to the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks, and he told me there was a huge Poker Tournament an hour away from my hotel, and he was now considering going.. I mean.. I had a grin form ear to ear, everyday at work, telling this to my friends.. I couldn’t believe that I won the jackpot with this one.. But he ended up not going to this tournament.

He told me I was such a good guide in Montreal that he would like me to visit him in his hometown, to show me around like I did. I was sold on the idea almost instantly. I could drive there, spend the weekend and come back.. I asked when he would be available because I have to ask to take a day off at work, but it was always complicated. He was waiting to see if he could enter a Tournament last minute, but he would tell me when his schedule was set.

And the lies began…

Around Christmas time, I was on Instagram liking pictures and suddenly, I saw Poker Guy’s Instagram name under a picture of a plus size girl I know from Montreal.. I thought it was weird, so I looked on his Instagram account, who he was following and BAM!! It struck me: he went through my Instagram and he added all the plus size women on MY account!! Because yeah, I looked to his Instagram at the very beginning to know who was that guy, and I swear, we didn’t have a lot of friends in common.

So I went back to the account of that Montreal woman, and looked closely to her pictures. He liked and commented on a lot of her pictures, and she liked and commented on his pictures as well.. And it was not from a couple months ago, it was in the last few days!! How can a guy who is back in the US knows that girl from Montreal..? Did he reach out to her when he was seeing me? I totally obsessed over it, but I didn’t want to seem like the jealous type, so I never asked about it. BUT I commented just below his comment on that girl pictures, so he knew..

Third date

He texted me one day, saying that he was coming back to Montreal in February, and he would arrive on Thursday. This time, I was determined to go out of my comfort zone, and invite him at my place. So on Thursday, I picked him up at this other AirBnb house, and brought him home. He kept telling me how good of a cuddler he was, and how he would like to hold me while watching a movie.. So that was the plan. We spent the entire night on my uncomfortable sofa, “watching” a movie, shirtless.

Despite the kissing and touching, nothing happened that evening. At some point he told me he had to be up early in the morning and that he had to leave.. Ok, so I put my shirt back on and dropped him off.

Fourth Date

The next day, I spoke to my friends about it and they all thought that I must now make a move to make something happen (sexually, if I wasn’t clear enough). So when he asked if he could come back to watch a movie, I was ready: instead of being stuck on the uncomfortable sofa, I brought my mattress in the livingroom. That way, we will be laying down under the bedsheets…

So I went to pick him up, and we decided on a movie. Then he told me “I have one rule when I watch a movie, and it’s PANTS OFF”. Okay, if you think I wasn’t ready.. I was wearing my sexiest underwear, so the pants came off, but the shirt as well. I could tell that he really liked what he saw. The way he kissed me, and touched me.. he was in his undies as well, but nothing happened during the movie. I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong or what..

So at the end of the movie, we were talking softly, kissing and all of the sudden, he tells me “OK, I have to go!” ………………….. so I asked “Are you really leaving me like this?!” I was in my black lace underwear, on my mattress, laying down with him.. What the hell?!

He then told me that he is not that type of guy who will have sex with me because he can, that he would like us to take our time, to really build something.. Ok, I guess.. I mean, I just find it really strange that a guy decides to leave when he has a “naked” girl in bed, kissing him, because he wants to take his time. But he is the one who tells me about his “no pants” rules, who wanted to kiss me when we got to the restaurant on our first date, who is grabbing and touching my body nonstop… That’s fine dude, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and I went to drop him off again.

Before he left my car, he told me that he will call me as soon as his tournament finishes the next day, so we could spend most of our time together. He kissed me deeply and went back to this house..

That night, I called my best friend and told her what happened. That her idea of bringing the mattress in the livingromm worked like a charm, BUT the guy told me he wanted to wait. At this point, I litterally told her “This guy is probably either a gem that I have to hold on to, or he is married and is scared to bring STDs to his wife back home.” I fell asleep with a smile that night.

The Fall

The next day, I woke up happy. I took a shower, blow dried my hair, do my make up and waited for his call. I went to do the grocery, while waiting for his call. Went back home, and I didn’t get his call yet.

That afternoon, I received a message from a girl I know. She said “I noticed that you and Poker Guy are following each other, and he commented on your pictures.. What’s up with that?” So I told her that we were seeing each other. And she asked “Did he tell you that he is married and has a kid?”

She continued “We had history together, he would fly me to nice hotels to meet him, we used to talk and laugh. Until I had my internship in his hometown and I asked if he wanted to meet. He always had excuses about his schedule, so I never went to his place even if he invited me in the past. We went to the gym together once, and after our workout, I thought we could go grab a bite or something, but he told me he had to go home and work on his taxes… He deleted me from Facebook (I never had his Facebook, he told he never used it.. I only has it’s Instagram, and we texted through What’sApp), and grew distant when he knew I was suddenly in the same city as him. When I dug, I found out that he was married and has a kid and confronted him about it. He told me his couple was not doing great, then he told me he was in an open relationship. Over the 4 years that we saw each other, he never mentionned it. He lead me to believe that he loved me (without saying it out loud), and he cared for me, but he never told me about his wife and kid.”

I was flabbergasted. This guy really played me. He totally took advantage of a fat girl with low self esteem he found on Tinder, he made her feel like a million bucks, he touched, grabbed and kissed her without having sex to be really “cheating” on his wife.. I was furious. My story with him lasted over 4 months, but it lasted for 4 years for the other girl!!

Then, she told me she wanted to try something.. She texted him, saying that she saw he was back in Montreal and wondered if they could meet. In a matter of seconds, he answered. He wanted to see her, and since he was living with roommates at the AirBnb house, he suggested right away that he could get a hotel room to have more intimacy, to talk and catch up. This guy was impossible.. And the girl kept sending me screen shots of their discussion. She was disgusted. He said the tournament was over for a great time now (he never contacted me by the way!), and he was glad she texted him. She asked about his wife, and he said they were still married but in an open couple. The girl was not in Montreal at the time, so she didn’t know what to do about his offer to get a hotel room..

I told her “Tell him to get one. And a really nice one with a pool and a nice restaurant. I will give him a run for his money.”

The End (Part 1)

What do you wear when you’re about to make a scene in a public place? I told my best friend all the new information about supposed fairytale love story, and we were trying to figure out what should I wear to end this on a high note. My brand new sparkling dress, covered in fushia sequins? We burst out laughing (the only real laugh I had that day) and it was set.

Minutes before I knocked to the door..

So I drove to the hotel and parked. In the meantime, the girl texted me his hotel room number. I went in, took the elevator and walk up to his room. When I was in front of the door, the girl texted me “Text me all about his reaction!!” but I was so pissed, I didn’t know how I would react.. So I put my thumb on the peep hole and knocked.


Part 2 of this story will be on the blog next week. And don’t think it’s almost over, because I realized that whenever you think this story is over, there’s always something that pops up somewhere.. The crunchy part is coming.


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