IKEA is doin’ what now?

If you are an IKEA lover, this is for you.

Recently, IKEA decided to add a new program for their dear customers. If you are like me, addicted to trendy decor and don’t like to spend on expensive furniture, chances are that you probably like (LOVE!!) IKEA as much as I do.

Ikea sell back furniture dark trendy bedroom

So, what’s the new program?

Well, they decided to buy back some of your old IKEA furniture in exchange for store credit!! Isn’t it wonderful? If you like to change your entire decore every 4-5 years, you can! If you are moving in with your loved one and have extra IKEA furniture, you can bring it back!

At IKEA, we believe the value of an IKEA product is a beautiful thing not to be wasted. We know that sometimes you need to part with a piece of furniture because it no longer suits your needs, and we want to give those products another life.

IKEA Canada’s “Sell-Back” service is a smarter way to look at the value of your unwanted furnishings. When it’s time to say goodbye to the things that are outdated, unwanted or cluttering your home, we’ll buy them back from you in the form of an IKEA in-store credit. You get to spend the value of the item(s) instore. It really is that simple and easy! We’ll do our best to give another life to the items we buy back, so that you benefit, the community benefits, and so does the planet. Together, we’re making a more beautiful world.

IKEA sell back furniture trendy livingroom

How does is work?

First of all, you have to be an IKEA FAMILY member. (Click here to join the family)

Then, you have to send IKEA at least 4 pictures of the item you want to sell.

It takes about 72 hours for someone to reach back, and when they do, you will be able to drop your item at IKEA for store credit.

Easy as that!

IKEA burgundy velvet sofa

Do they take back everything?

Nope! They take most of everything, but some stuff is just to personnal (mattresses, textiles, baby and children’s furniture..) or oversized (PAX, BESTA, kitchens…). For those, you can sell them online by yourself on Facebook Groups or on apps.

So if you have a sofa, dresser, bookcase you want to exchange for store credit, this is your chance to get a new look for your house/apartment!

You can find the list of accepted items HERE in the Sell Back Program section.

IKEA christmas table purple mood

Do you plan on using this new IKEA program? I sure do!


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