Eloquii, my love, why are you doing this to me?

It’s no secret, my favorite store for statement pieces, for structured dresses and jackets is Eloquii.

ruffle red Eloquii dress

This online store have now 5 locations, all of them are far-FAR away from Montreal (Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Miami and Pentagon city.. far enough?). I follow them on every social media possible and I can’t wait to finally be able to visit them instore, to get their complimentary personnal styling session and to try on EV-E-RY-THING they have.

Recently, they revealed their collab collection with designer Jason Wu and just from the pictures, you can hear my heart cry for help. Everything is stunning and have my stamp of approval.

Since I changed jobs, I’m on a way tighter budget than I ever was before. All I can do is look at this collection and sob inside..

Jason Wu long black sequin dress

Well do you know what happened Saturday morning?

SATURDAY, in my inbox was another email from Eloquii, but this one just killed me:

Eloquii email pop up shop in NYC

Are you freakin’kidding me? That time, that ONE time that my budget is tigher than a size 26 belt, you open a pop up store IN NEW YORK at the end of November without me? Eloquii, please…

So if you are among the lucky ones who are going to NYC this Holiday Season, please go check them out. I am pennyless at the moment, but oh.. what I would give to visit their first pop up store close-by.

To shop the amazing collab with Jason Wu, click HERE.

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To give in the “Emily needs funds to visit this pop up Eloquii store”, inbox me HERE. 😉

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