Review: Girl with Curve’s collab with Lane Bryant

As many of you know, the popular blogger Tanesha Awasthi (from Girl With Curves) launched back in September her collection in collaboration with Lane Bryant. I was at her launch party in New York, and I fell in love with almost everything under her label.

Then I came back home, wanted to order my favorite pieces, but it was already sold out. I was so sad. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t produce any more of this collection if it was sold out in only 2 days.. that was insane!

So I looked online again a few days later and some items came back, but my black tshirt, my ripped jeans and mostly, the blue coat/dress were always sold out.. This was my favorite piece of the collab. One day, I checked again and BAM!! There it was! Everything was available in my size so I jumped on it and ordered it right away. (That’s why I couldn’t review it as quickly as I wanted to)

The blue coat/dress

Photo: Sunglasses: Balmain

So I picked up the magnificent blue jacket that could be worn as a dress as well.  For that matter, it’s a very light jacket, without lining. The fabric is a nice deep blue and has stretch, pockets (YESSSS), big gold buttons in front and a sash (worn knotted at the back on this picture).

This is a statement piece that I absolutely love. The only thing that bugged me was that it has been on and off sold out constantly, and they don’t want to produce more. Clearly Lane Bryant, you dropped one here.

Photo: Sunglasses: Balmain

The girl with curves tshirt

Then, I ordered the Girl With Curves X Lane Bryant ripped jeans and black t-shirt.

The t-shirt is made with specific sizes (14/16, 18/20, 22/24, 26/28) and I loved that concept. I ordered a 18/20 and it fits perfectly. The fabric is thicker than a regular graphic Tees, and the quality of it is not comparable to, let’s say, Torrid’s graphic tees. I’ve worn and washed it a few times and it’s still in mint condition.

The girl with curves ripped jeans

For the jeans.. It’s usually very difficult for me to order jeans online when I haven’t tried them on before, because I have a short torso and I don’t like high waisted jeans that will sit just under my bra.. I took a chance (because everything was available in my size, duh!!) and bought it anyway.

At the launch in September, we spoke with Max (CurvesAndCatwalks) who is a fit model for Lane Bryant and she couldn’t stop telling us how those jeans were perfect, and you know what..? They really are! The fit is amazing, it has stretch and she even told us that Lane Bryant made slightly bigger pockets at the back to balance the shape of it all. They are high-rise, but they are not uncomfortable for me, so I guess they are not SUPER high-rise.. I thought it was more a regular “at the waist” jeans.

They became my favorite pair of jeans from the moment the order arrived to my door, so I ordered another pair of Lane Bryant’s Ultimate stretch skinny jeans.

Photo: Sunglasses: Balmain

If you are tempted to buy an item or two of the Girl With Curves collection at Lane Bryant, there are a couple things to know.

First of all, there is (right now) 18 items available. The only one missing is the blue coat/dress.

Then, it’s the perfect time to buy now, because there’s always something on sale since it’s not a new collection anymore.

Shipping to Canadians

And finally, if you are a CANADIAN resident, listen to this.. I am from Montreal (about 45 minutes from the Customs) and I can get in my car and drive to the closest Kinek center to get my order on American soil – this means, no international shipping and custom fees. Yes, you have to declare your purchase on the way back to Canada, but it never cost me what it costs when it’s shipped home.

Lane Bryant offers now international shipping, but it comes with a price. A high one if you ask me. I looked at my first order (I made in a hurry) versus the second one where I took my time and shipped the order to a Kinek Center and they charged about 70$US for the International Shipping (including the Custom fees)!! It’s insane! I understand if you are not close to the USA border you don’t have a choice but to use their methods, but if you can drive there.. it’s a nice way to save a couple bucks!

Just sayin’!

You can find Girl With Curves collection HERE on Lane Bryant website

And Girl With Curves blog HERE

What do you think of her collection? Are you a fan?

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