Blasé from blazers? NEVER!!

When I took out my winter clothes a couple weeks ago, I tried a couple items on and ouf… I think I gain a little weight during the summer. Some of my favorite blouses or pants are just a little bit too snug to be comfortable at work, and since my budget is pretty tight these days, I decided to keep a couple of summer tops, and wear them with blazers for the moment.

And isn’t it the PERFECT moment to tell you about my new blazer from Marée pour toi! The brand has been so kind to me.. Really! This jacket was one of my favorite item I saw in New York, and I really hoped they would be able to send me one, and they did!!

I mean, look at this fabulous foil print!! I am in love.. Marée pour toi are the best with fabric quality. Every outfit looks and feel so luxurious. This blazer has some stretch, so it’s honestly comfortable to wear at work, as well as in a family reunion or at dinner.

It has a button but it really looks best on me when it’s open.

The fit was, AGAIN, perfect. Marée pour toi took their time to study plus size bodies to achieve this incredible fit, right from their first collection. No wonder why bloggers and influencers are all falling in love with this brand!

I do wear blazers at work with a nice pants, but I feel prettier when I pair it with a nice skinny jeans (or slightly distress jeans.. the blazer balances the effect) and a heel. Then I feel beautiful and fierce, ready to rule the world! Rawrrr!

So for the moment, I will strut happily in my cami and t-shirts under a fabulous blazer until I fit again in my pretty-pretty blouses.

Thank you so much Marée pour toi for the Gwen Printed scuba foil blazer!

The Gwen Printed Scuba Foil Blazer is available on the Marée pour toi website, in sizes 12 to 22. Check the other colors and pattern here.

Photo: Katerine Photographe // Location: Rue Wellington à Verdun

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