ModCloth: my honest review about my last order

A couple weeks before the CurvyCon, someone from ModCloth reached out to me on social medias. She wanted to know if I was still going to the CurvyCon and if so, would I be interested in wearing an outfit or two by ModCloth at the event.

Of course!! The only thing is I never shopped at ModCloth because everything they have is Retro/Pin Up and it’s really not my style. To be honest, I am tired of seeing plus size ladies wearing retro/pin up style.. We’ve seen it a thousand times and I’m over it. (That’s my personnal opinion, but I’m not throwing rocks at anyone.. Peace!)

So I went on their website and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked a lot of their pieces! Yes, some items are still retro style, but it was not “all polka dots and swing dresses” like I imagined.

The ModCloth team gave me 250$ to spend on their Fall Collection, so here’s what I chose.

First item

This dress is WAY out of my comfort zone. First, I don’t normally like brown and orange colors, so I’m not going toward dresses in that palette naturally. My eyes are usually going to bright colorful dresses, but I remembered my friend telling me “GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!” so many times, that I decided to get it.

I’m not really comfortable to wear wrap dresses or skirts either, because I worry it might just pop open with the wind and show my underwear to everyone. But what I didn’t know when I ordered is that there is a lining inside, a kind of stretchy black dress underneath the velvet exterior so nothing will ever be showing. Wind or no wind! Great thinking ModCloth!

Also, I’m not a busty gal, but this twisted waist and neckline works for me because they put a snap to keep the neckline in place.  Perfect!! I was sold!

For this dress, I went with a size 3X because of the lining. It has stretch, but the 2X was not as comfortable. The back was not pulling with the 3X compared to the 2X.

I ended up having a LOT of great comments about my dress. It was a hit at the CurvyCon! Yesssssss!!

Second item


This velvet dress was definitely something I would wear normally. The bright colors caught my eyes instantly on the website so I went for it. I knew I could pair this dress with so many things I had at home, it was an easy choice. Thank you ModCloth!

This dress has again a wrap-like neckline, but this one doesn’t have the helpful snap to keep it closed. My small breasts and I had to use a pin to keep it in place, otherwise I would’ve shown my bra to everyone all day. Not the kind of impression I wanted to leave.. But it was an easy problem to solve.

The belt (a long velvet sash) was long enough to be tied, so that’s nice!! (My rant about sash/belts too shorts on plus size garments is here) The elastic waist creates a nice hourglass figure and is very comfortable.

This dress is made with a rich velvet fabric, and provides lots of stretch. In fact, I ordered a size 2X for this dress, and it fits like a glove. I feel a size 3X would have been really large on me, compared to the brown-orange dress I got.

Third item

Those shoes are so cute and comfortable! I saw them and I fell for the bow on top, of course! And it matches perfectly the green velvet dress.

I wasn’t sure if I would be a size 10W or 11W, so I oredered both. I was ok in the size 10W, but I ended up keeping the size 11W because I had a the little extra room around my toes.

There are mini zips at the back of the shoes so it’s really easy to put them on. Also, the bow on top is on an elastic strap, so it naturally adjusts to your feet.


I am really glad someone from ModCloth reached out to me on social medias, otherwise I would’ve stayed with this misconception of the brand. Also I wasn’t sure if their plus size section would be junior plus size or regular plus size, but Great News Everyone!! If it fits on my body, it’s not junior plus size!

I honestly love that brand now, and I wanted to say THANK YOU ModCloth for chosing me as your “ambassadors” at the CurvyCon.

Check them out, I’m sure you will find something perfect for you. They just added more coats and jackets and I’m know I’m gonna get one!

You can visit ModCloth website right HERE


Pssssssst! You still here? I just wanted to let you know that while I was at the CurvyCon, I won a ModCloth gift card, and I thought I would do a Give Away for my followers.

Wanna know more? Check tomorrow’s blog post for all the details. <3



  1. Délice
    September 24, 2018 / 9:35 am

    I am not a fan of Pin Up or retro either unless it’s for a specific event that is retro. But I have to say I don’t like any of your picks. I find the print and fabric to be very ”is that my grandmothers couch?” and it brings you down and makes you look so much older. and I usually LOVE modcloth.

    • Emily
      September 24, 2018 / 9:45 am

      Yeah, I can see what you’re saying.. The fabric is indeed giving that vibe, but I don’t dislike it. I guess I’m not the only one who liked it because those 2 dresses are about to be sold out. <3

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