The CurvyCon 2018: The extra stuff

Okay, so during my New York trip last week, a lot of funny stuff happened. Since my blog posts were already long enough about the CurvyCon, I decided to keep those little treasures for later. And later, well… is now!

First when I arrived on Wednesday, I was really happy to see my roommates. First thing I knew, we had booked a nice dinner at Carmine’s with other CurvyCon attendees. I never been to Carmine’s and it was a nice discovery! It’s a family friendly, Italian restaurant where all the plates are HUGE and are meant to be shared. Exemple, we where 10 people around the table, and we ordered 1 salad, 1 plate of chicken parmigiana, 1 plate of raviolis and dessert and we were full! I can’t wait to go back to NYC and bring my friends there.

Then, I walked back to the hotel to prepare my clothes for the next day, and go to bed “early”. My roommates were talking in the room, when I went to take a shower. You know how it goes, it wash my hair, apply the conditionner and BAM!! The bathroom door opens and Sharita yells “Emily you HAVE to get out! There’s a fire in the hotel, there’s a strong smell of smoke and people are running outside!”

Shit!! SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT!!! *My brains freezes when there’s an emergency*

I put on my pajama shorts, a tshirt and the robe that was in the bathroom and ran out.

20 minutes and 6 fire trucks later, we were able to get back in. The hotel behind ours had a fire, and our ventilation system sucked the smoke in the air, inside our hotel.. So that’s how I ended up commando in the streets of New York during Fashion Week……….

The next morning, I had booked a session with a photographer I admired for a while: Lydia Hudgens. Her pictures always have that NYC vibe that I like. She had work with all my favorite icons (Gabi Fresh, Nadia Aboulhosn, Nicolette Mason, Kelly Augustine, Maxey Greene…) so I was surprised to be able to book a photoshoot so last minute. According to her schedule, she only had one spot left (Thursday, 8am) so I took it right away.

I woke up Thursday morning at 6am to do my hair and make up, get dressed, call a taxi and meet Lydia in Soho. That morning… It was 47 degrees, no wind, full humidity.. I felt aweful. I tried and do my best, but it was clearly not the best condition to give my all. My face was red, I was sweating.. but it doesn’t really show in the pictures, so that’s good.

I will definitely try to book another photoshoot with Lydia next time I’ll be in New York. Hopefully it’s gonna be cooler outside.


On Saturday night after the CurvyCon’s wrap party, I decided it was time to try to fit everything we got in my large suitcase. Keep in mind that I haven’t bring alot coming to NY. I knew I needed to keep some empty space for the swag bags.. So this is the puzzle I had to solve:

Are. You. Kidding me?!

I managed to fit everything in, but the suitcase was heavy as hell!! I didn’t know how much it would cost me on the flight back.. So I left my suitcase to the hotel’s concierge, and left with my friends to the Girl with Curves launch collection with Lane Bryant.

We took a Lyft downtown and arrived to the venue. It was so cute!! Mini cupcakes, music, and change rooms to try on all the 19 pieces of the collab-collection.

This collection was screaming my name!! Everybody was talking about the blue coat-dress, but meh.. It was not my favorite piece.. Until I tried it on. I fell in love with that blue coat-dress when I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I had to get it. And the black Girl With Curves t-shirt.

After trying on some items, talking with attendees and all, I went to meet Tanesha Awasthi (the blogger Girl With Curves) to congratulate her on her collection, and this girl… She is the sweetest! She answers to her followers, she likes their pics.. she is really passionate about her work, and it shows. We took a picture together, and I left to catch my flight back.

I arrived at LaGuardia airport and, well… what do you know.. My luggage was too heavy! The lady told me if I leave it like this, it would cost 148$ in fees… Uh.. is there another option? She told me that if I had an extra bag in my luggage and I wanted to remove 16 pounds of stuff from my suitcase and transfert it to that bag, it would only cost 47$ to register 2 “suitcases” on the plane. Well, I got a pink zipped tote bag at the CurvyCon.. Let do it!

So yes, I have been that champion at the airport, who has to open her suitcase in front of everybody to rearrange everything, BUT it worked! It only cost me 47$! Next time I go to the CurvyCon, I will bring an extra large zipped bag in my suitcase for sure!!

So that was my CurvyCon 2018 experience!

And if you wanted to see all the panels and workshops I talked about, you can go to Yahoo LifeStyle, write CourvyCon in the box and watch it there!!


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