The CurvyCon 2018: The good, the bad and the funny (Part 3 of 3)


Panels and workshops

We arrived at the CurvyCon Saturday morning and we knew we would have a busy day ahead of us: 8 panels and workshops were on the schedule, and we didn’t want to miss a minute of them!

They opened with CeCe and Chastity talking about confidence and sex. They invited Sarah Rae Vargas to join the discussion (which was at the same time, another episode of their Podcast) and it was interesting, but also very funny.

It ended on a Q&A and people were not affraid to ask their questions. It was nice to see that the panelists were not scared to answer either!

Once this panel was over, they announced that one of the Panel would not happen today, that they will keep it for next year. Ok, no prob. We will take this free time to walk around a little and… WHAT!!! The Platinum Suite is already open?!

The Platinum suite is this room where Platinum members go get their HUGE Swag Bag. We remember how last year we got loads of clothes (Seven7 Jeans, Seven7 top, Lane Bryant Tshirt and jewely, a Trusst Bra…) that we got to chose our fave style and our sizes, and how they ran out of sizes when it was our turn. So we figured we will be among the first ones in, so we will for sure have our sizes this time! So we waited in line.. and waited.. We couldn’t see inside the room, so we didn’t know what we would get this time!

By the time it was our turn to go in, the Dear Retailer Panel had already started (that was THE Panel I didn’t want to miss.. I figured I would watch it later on YahooLifeStyle) At the first station, we got to choose a Levi’s Tshirt (our size, and the model we wanted) and a denim jacket (1x, 2x or 3x). After that, you customized your denim jacket by choosing between 3 styles of font, and the artists would spray paint your name or message at the back of the jacket! That was fun! Here’s mine, it says OWN IT:

After his this station was the Sock it to me station, where we chose a pair of panties and a pair of socks (I wanted them all!!) I didn’t know this brand and I was so glad to see we all had another pair of knee-high socks in our swag bag!

Then, we moved to the Lane Bryant booth and they had a beige, lace kind of robe for us (mmmmkay…) and a makeup bag matching a really pretty dress… that we could buy downstairs if we wanted to. (??)

The next booth was Hanky Panky, and even though we were amongst the first ones in, they already ran out of panties, so they gave us an empty satin bag with a small eau de parfum in it.. Oh, and if we wanted to go downstairs and BUY the panties they were supposed to give us if they hadn’t ran out of, they could personnalized them with jewels… *rolling eyes*

Then we grabbed our heavy pink CurvyCon swag bag and got out.

By the time we were out, the Dear Retailer panel was about to end, so we decided to walk back to the hotel room and drop our bags, and come back.

So we missed the workshop Curves and Culture, but we figured we could watch that one again on YahooLifestyle when we get back home.

When we got back to the venue, we realized that the Panels were in one room, AND the workshops were in another room. THAT SUCKS! It means the events were overlapping each other, and you cannot participate to EVERYTHING! Arghhhhh!!

So we got straight in the Line Up for the Workshop Dance in your Underwear, because the workshops were in a teeny-tiny room and, guess what… THERE WAS (again) NOT ENOUGH SEATS FOR EVERYONE! So it was important to be the first ones in the line up to be sure to go in. The panelists were Ashley Nell Tipton (Designer/Project Runway Winner), Denise Caldwell (Celebrity Fashion stylist), Rochelle Johnson (plus size fashion blogger), Hayet Rida (plus size fashion blogger), Kerry Justich (writer for Beauty/Style at Yahoo)

This workshop was great, we even got a little time with Hayet Rida (famous fashion blogger) who did an exercise with us, to write a letter to someone who hurt us in the past, and forgiving this person. Then we had to throw out this letter and move on in our lives. It was emotional, we shared our experiences and it was necessary. Thank you for that.

Then we had to go out of the room to let people in for the next Workshop and the line up was so long already, we knew we wouldn’t get in, so we just went downstairs to shop a little before coming back up to stay in line for the next Workshop: Flourish in Photo.

This workshop was ULTRA popular, because it involved Dale Noelle (True Model Management), Maxey Greene (plus size model and expert in posing), Trévon James (photographer), Kelly Augustine (plus size fashion blogger), Jazzmyne Robbins (Buzzfeed contributor and model) and Tatiana Ward (celebrity make up artist). They told us what to do, how to pose, how to get the best lighting, the best apps to make a photoshoot on your cell phone… I really needed that, and everyone (who got in) appreciated this workshop. Bravo!

Keynote conversations

After this fun workshop, we moved back to the big room where…. pfff.. what do you know!.. all the seats were AGAIN already taken, so I had to stand on the side…. What is it with the lack of chairs available?! Come on CurvyCon team, if you invited too many people, how come we are the Platinum ones who paid 500$ to be here AND we cannot find a seat in major events!?!

So the actress Jen Ponton was on stage, talking about her struggles as a plus size actress. It was fun, but also a bit sad.. I can’t believe that in 2018, fat actresses are still struggling to find jobs, when a lot of characters on tv or in movies could be played by a plus size person, and it would NOT influence the story at all! Grrrr…

She then introduced Joy Nash, her co-star and actress in Dietland. She explained how she got the role of Plum in Dietland. She also shared how she would love to play the real first american female serial killer (who weight 300 lbs) in a movie, but she heard they already casted a very good, but thin actress for the role.. Come on!! Plus size actress are already stuck in a type of casting, and when we got the chance to finally have a great role to play, they cast a thin actress to do so? It’s hard…

And for the finale, they invited Oscar Nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe on stage to share her experience, how she got the role of Precious. First of all, this girl is hilarious!! I didn’t know she had such a great sense of humour. The way she told her story was so funny, people were laughing out loud, CeCe and Chastity joined her on that, and we all had a good time.

Before we left, they announced that we could have a Meet and Greet with Gabourey.

Meet and greet… it was barely a photo op. The security took our phone, our bags, told us not to talk or ask anything to Gabourey (that we didn’t have time), THEY took the pictures, gave us our things back and told us “Leave now, leave… Leave now”

So all the pictures are blurry, or I’m not even in them, or not in focus, with eyes closed, except one:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next time, it would be nice to be treated like a human being during a meet and greet. Gabby was so sweet, but I feel the security wanted to leave ASAP and they just botched THE ONLY MEET AND GREET we had (even if it said Meet and Greets – plural when we bought our ticket) to close the venue quickly. I would’ve like to have the opportunity to get a meet and greet with EVERYONE who was invited on stage for panels and workshops: Venus Williams, Lizzo, Sarah Rae Vargas, Nia Jaxx, Nicolette Mason, Alex Michael May, Ashley Nell Tipton, Rochelle Johnson, Nikki Bella, Jen Ponton and Joy Nash, to name a few.

My friends and I tried to get a pic with Lizzo and Venus Williams but it was impossible. We never got close enough to Venus and she left, and the crowd around Lizzo was just cray.

I saw Joy Nash in the corridor before we left and she was so nice and sweet. We got a picture together (excuse the flip flops, as I said.. standing in line all day killed my feet!).

The wrap party

The party was fun, people were happy to see each other one last time before going back to our regular life. We dance and sing for about 2 hours, and I left. I was hungry, tired and I had to go through all my swag bags to try and make it fit in my large suitcase.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post all the little funny moments that made this trip worthwhile.

If you missed the first part of this saga, you can find them HERE.

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