The CurvyCon 2018: The good, the bad and the funny (Part 2 of 3)


Fitness session

We woke up early to get ready for the fitness session at the CurvyCon. This year, we had a mini session with Jessie Diaz from Curves with Moves, and then another mini session with Amore and Jore Marshall who are BEYONCÉ’s dancers!!

I didn’t know who Jessie Diaz was, but I fell in love instantly with her positive vibe. I had a smile from ear to ear during her entire session. She brought body positivity to another level, when she asked us to make a gigantic circle, and asked us to “take a step forward if…” She made us realize we are way more than what we expect, and to value ourselves accordingly is very important.

After a few minutes, she went back up on stage and started our warm up routine. She told us not to worry about what’s jiggling, and just have fun! It was the perfect context to do so, it was our plus size safe place to let loose. So we jumped, we stretched, we touched our legs, our belly, our arms.. and it was great to do it, and to see a room full of plus size people do it as well. There was no judgments, no weird looks, just acceptance and joy.

Before Jessie left, she made us repeat after her, words of wisdom about who we are and what we deserve. She said that in her classes, she asks her student to face the mirror while saying these words. Since we didn’t have a mirror, she asked us to take our phone, and record ourselves. I loved it.

Since that session, I think about her every morning in the shower when I sing “I love my legs, I love my arms, I love my mind, and I – Love – All – of – me.”

Then, we switched to the Beyoncé’s dancers, Amore and Jore.

They showed us two routines, and I was doing fine with the first one. Then, when they switched to the second routine, I felt my knee was not doing so great, so I stepped out, went to get water and watched the rest of the session from the side.

My roommates Sharita and Karen were standing front row, in the middle and they really enjoyed it. Don’t worry, I was not the only one who was watching from the sides: some people didn’t want to dance, or couldn’t do it (due to health issues or physical limitations) but the rules was “If you are not dancing, you have to cheer for the others!” so it was really nice to stand there and cheer for a while.

Since this CurvyCon fitness session was sponsored by Target, we got a little something before we leave: a Swell Bottle, a pair of JoyLab socks and a nice JoyLab sweat shirt.

LOFT Platinum Brunch (and styling session)

For this brunch, we had to changed and go to the Time Square Tower. I decided to wear my new brown velvet dress from Modcloth (I will do a review on my Modclotch order, don’t worry! It will be published next week.), and paired it with my brown Ardene flat sandals.

We arrived a little late (I guess!) for brunch, since all the tables were already occupied. The security told us we could take our food and eat it in the next room if we wantd to sit down, but there were no seats available there anyway. It sucks, because again, the CurvyCon team knew how many Platinum members they had. Why did they do it in a room where only a few could be seated?

So we took our food (nice salads, 2 choices of delicious mac and cheese, mini tacos, deserts…) and we ate standing up, because the styling session with celebrity stylist Googoo Atkins was about to start.

Googoo showed us the new LOFT collection, and how to pair items for a specific look or occasion (casual, work, night out…). It was nice to get her input on styling, and the questions at the end were helpful.

LOFT Runway Show

After the brunch, we walked back to the venue to shop a little before the Runway Show. I knew the next day would be really busy with all the panels and workshops, so I wanted to run quickly to the CurvyCon vendors before going upstairs for the show. I bought the most amazing skirt from Astra Signature, and I can’t wait to do a photoshoot with it!

An hour before the runway show, I went upstairs because I realized we didn’t get a seat assigned like last year.. I hadn’t sit since the morning, and it was now 4pm. My feet and my back were killing me. I was like a child, dangling from one feet to the other, stretching, crouching, trying to think about something else but I was seriously about to give up and go out of the line when they finally let us go in to take a seat.

The runway show was great. I didn’t really know LOFT beforehand so it showed me who they really are and I liked it! I will probably order something very soon from them..


Dia & Co Showcase and Panel

For this event, Nadia Boujarwah (Dia & Co), tennis player Venus William, rapper Lizzo and Tracy Reese from CFDA (Council of Fashion Designer of America), came on the CurvyCon stage to discuss size inclusivity. Dia & Co and the CFDA came up with a joint project called #TeeUpChange, to fund size inclusive design education.

We really do believe that the most important milestones are the moments of change that can actually have lasting broad based change on the industry, and for us design education was at the very very top of that list. So being able to partner with the CFDA to make sure that tomorrow’s leading designers enter the industry with a profound appreciation and ability to design for, and appreciate all bodies is incredibly important.

The limited edition of 5 graphic tees are each designed by a champion of size inclusivity (Venus William, Lizzo, Tracy Reese, designers Christian Siriano and Marissa Petteruti)

All profits from the sales will be donated to projects focused on inclusive size education at leading designs university across the USA. For more info,


And that was it for the second CurvyCon day!

I really, really liked that day. It was fun, we met new people, we talked about interesting subjects and of course, we laughed a lot in between! Here’s a pic with the lovely model Allie McGevna, and another one with my friend Nicky (blogger Redstreak Girl) in the Modcloth booth.

If you missed my review of Day One, here it is! I will conclude my review of the CurvyCon 2018 tomorrow!

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