The CurvyCon 2018: The good, the bad and the funny (Part 1 of 3)

Ehhhh boy… This past week was crazy at work! I came home, and all I wanted to do was sleep.. So I know I promised a new Shitty Date Story, but I now think that I need to share my CurvyCon experience first.

It was my second year at CurvyCon, and again I had my Platinum ticket. Last year was so much fun, we got a lot of clothes in our swag bag, the event was entertaining and had interesting panels. Last summer, the Platinum ticket was 500$ (but everybody waited to Black Friday to buy it 50% off, so it was 250$). This year, the Platinum tickets were a solid 500$, no discount. It was hard on my budget, but I did it anyway because I knew it would be worth it, compared to the previous editions.

This is what they advertised for 2018:



First official day at The CurvyCon for the Platinum members. Knowing that the ticket is twice the price as last year, I normally think that the event will start on Thursday morning for Platinum attendees. I booked my flight to New York to arrive on Wednesday morning, and booked my hotel from Wednesday to Sunday. That way, I will sleep in NYC on Wednesday and be ready to start the CurvyCon on Thursday morning..

Well, that’s what I though.. And since we didn’t have access to an official schedule (until we got an email on THAT SAME THURSDAY MORNING confirming the schedule), that was the logical thing to do. Assume it would start early on Thursday.

Nope. The Thursday we had as a Platinum member was not a whole day of activities. We only had the Platinum Party starting at 5pm!! Meaning I could’ve save 1 night of hotel by flying on Thursday morning, and still have time to get ready and party that evening.. If we even had a tentative schedule by the time we bought our tickets, we would have known when to fly in, and when to book our hotel.

The Platinum Party was really fun though. The venue (for the party) was quite small for the amount of people inside, so it was hot and it was hard to move around. The food was great (amuse-bouches) and there was two open bars, serving the official CurvyCon Cocktails.

When I entered, I saw big mirror cubes on the floor with huge ballons, and standing up there, I saw the gorgeous model Liris Cross on the cube, live modeling for Macy’s (the sponsor of the party) with Maria Gimena and other lovely models. I loved that. And the models were so nice and accessible: they talked to attendees, took a pose with us if we asked, danced and had fun..

At the back of the room (where it began to get REALLY crowded) was the photo booth. The director made you walk, wink, smile, or throw golden confettis with wind in hour hair, and they turned those images into a fun “ad” for Macy’s. It was really fun to do, but the line up was so long that most of my friends decided not to do it.

We had some drinks, mingled, took pictures, laugh and danced for a solid 2 hours.

Then they flipped the light on and asked us to leave, party was over.

They gave us Macy’s swag bag (we chose between 1x, 2x or 3x) and off we go!

In that bag, we got a few tshirts (that I will wear at home, nothing fancy), a set of golf balls (why???), small (broken) mirrors – the ones you forget you have in your purse – , pen and paper from Adrianna Papel, a mini nail filing kit, a Michael Kors lipstick holder, an Anne Klein clothing cover bag (like last year – but I actually love that!), a pair of Celebrity Pink jeans (I really like that too, last year I wore those until they tear between my thighs), a super soft scarf, a pair of shorts (that I usually use to sleep in)… It was a nice swag bag, but if I recall correctly, The CurvyCon Macy’s swag bag last year was WAY better.

When we opened it my roommates and I, we felt like they used a lot of items that wouldn’t sell around the cash registers.. Last year, I really loved the Rachel Roy earrings, and this year I don’t know… it was nice, but it was not extra.

All in all, I had a blast at The CurvyCon Platinum party!

** I will post my review of day 2 at The CurvyCon, tomorrow

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