Incluses: my glamourous backstage experience

Earlier this month, there was an open casting call for models (from XS to 4X) to walk the runway for Incluses, at the Festival Mode & Design. I sent my picture and measurements, but I figured it would get lost in the 10 000 other applicants so I forgot about it.

A week later, I get an email from Josiane Stratis saying that I was among the chosen ones to walk for Incluses on stage. I was so excited! It’s not everyday that you get to walk on the big stage at a Fashion Fest in Montreal! Especially if you are plus size!!

The day of the Show

So arrived on Thurday afternoon to the Incluses booth, and I tried a couple of outfits. The designers haven’t decided what we would wear: they wanted us to choose our ouftis, to be comfortable and to feel beautiful on stage. After a while, I asked Josiane to help me because she’s a pro. She picked up a beautiful green dress and a black vest from Atelier B, and a plus size fanny pack from designer Mercedes Morin. And we were set! That was fast! And that would be my look for the runway show.

Hair & Make up

A couple minutes later, Carolane (Josiane’s twin) brought us, who were ready, to hair and makeup. When we entered the room, I was shocked. It was so big: hair dressers on one side, make up artists on the other, stylish people running everywhere, managing time, models and designers… It was huge!! That’s when it hit me: this is not a small event. I mean, I know it wasn’t, but for once, I was a part of it!

Someone called me and brought me to Caroline, for my hair. She asked I was walking for which designer, so she could do what the designer asked for. I sat in the chair, and Caroline and another hair stylist began to work. I started to look around, and I saw Lolitta Dandoy (from Fashion is Everywhere!!) sitting across. WHAT?! I’m getting the same treatment as fashion stars?! Wow..  And to be sure to mix with the crowd, I got my phone and started to read my emails.. Oh yeah!! This is how a Kardashian feels: having two hair stylists on my head, while I take pictures and read my emails. I can definitely get used to this!

After a few minutes (they worked so quickly! I would have stayed longer..) they applied hair spray and voilà! I was ready to go see a make up artist!

The make up artist was ready so I jumped on the high chair, and she removed my make up. The look they wanted for the Incluses runway show was a fresh, glowy, sexy face. So she proceeded to apply thin layers of foundation, eye shadow, contouring, blush and gloss. This is not a look I’m used to (usually, I NEED my eyeliner to look like myself!) but I liked it! It was subtle, but I loved the results.


After hair and make up, I had about an hour of free time, so I decided to cross the street to grab a Subway sandwich. (Yep! I’m a model AND I ate before a runway show.. deal with it!) So I came back after dinner and they asked the models to go change into their runway outfits.

Waiting in style

Then Josiane and Carolane placed us in the official line up, and we went outside to wait for our turn to go on stage. While waiting, the famous photographer Julie Artacho was there and we had the chance to have a mini photo shoot before the show. It was quick and very simple, down to earth.. Julie stood there and asked us to do a couple poses, and that was it!

And we went backstage. The planning of our show was simple: one by one, walk down de stairs, stop for the photographers, turn around and walk the runway all the way to the end, stop for the photographers, turn around and come backstage. Then for the finale, some girls will have big signs saying LET US DRESS LOCAL and we would all follow them as a statement. Understood? Yep! Let’s walk!


I feel it went very well. The public liked it, the designers were happy with the show, all the models were proud of themselves. It was such a fantastic, glamorous experience! I would do it again if they asked me!

You know, sometimes you just have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or try something new. I usually don’t like to walk as a model, in fashion shows. The stress of getting changed in time to walk a second or third time, it kills me. I’m really glad I did it this time. It showed me how it could be different. There was no stress involve in this runway show, so all I had to do is walk from point A to point B, and enjoy!

How many times in your life do you have the chance to walk for a major fashion show? All you have to do is try, and say YES to new experiences.

And you?

What did you do lately, out of your comfort zone?

For more pictures of the runway show, you can read my other blog post about Incluses HERE.

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