Dating stories – The Businessman (part 2)

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As I got in my car, I couldn’t wait to leave. I wanted to go far away from Mr. E and the restaurant as possible. The image of this tall, drunk guy kissing me still confuses me. I couldn’t understand how he kissed me and wanted to see me again when I knew he was bullshitting me with this lesbian wife story.

It was clear to me: this was over before it even started.

He texted me a few days later, telling me how he liked our date and how he wanted to do that again. I played it safe and kept my answers vague. You see, I know how it is to feel rejected, and I don’t like to do that to people. Still, I was not into that guy, and I certainly would not go out with him again! I thought that since we live 2 hours away from each other, that would buy me time to figure something out.

That same week, Mr. E began to send me sexually explicit texts (that made me uncomfortable). He told me what he would do to me next time we meet, and no imagination was needed. Everything was there. I tried to change the subject but it always went back to sex…. Come on dude! And when I try to address it, he would always tell me “You know I’m talking, but it’s all jokes…” … Hilarious, man… Argh!!

One day, he planned on coming over to Montreal to, uh-hem, “visit” me, to keep it polite, but I said I met someone and I prefered not to. I lied that I really liked this guy and I wanted to have something serious with him, so no booty call. Nah-ha. I’m not gettin’it (and I don’t want it!).

You see, having a boyfriend is the perfect excuse to cut it short. I thought he would understand and walk away. That it wouldn’t be a harsh rejection like “No, I don’t want to kiss you!”. So here I had my perfect excuse. A little white lie that won’t hurt anyone..

Ouf… After saying something like “Oh well, I missed my window”, Mr. E STILL sent me sexually explicit texts. He was big and tall, and extra confidant in life. When I reminded him about the “boyfriend”, he always said “But you know it’s all jokes..” *rolling eyes* Yeah, jokes that wouldn’t end!

Well to cut it short, Mr. E wanted to get involve in the second edition of my Plus Size event. I had the perfect opportunity here: I needed a male model to feature on the posters and ads. I asked him, and he said YES! He sent me text on how we could share an apartment over there and what he would do to me (argh!!!! I told you I have a boyfriend… I don’t care if it’s jokes for you, I am clearly not laughing).

I told him the same thing I told my female models in Toronto: this is an unpaid job. I will not pay for any transport or hotel. He said ok. It was clear…  one could think!

Well, 2 days before leaving for Toronto to do this photoshoot, he texted me

“How do we get there?”

“I don’t know how YOU will get there, but I’m driving with my business partner and we will meet in Toronto on the photoshoot.”

“But what about the AirBnb we were supposed to share?” he asked.

WHAT?! F**! Man…

“There was never an AirBnb in the plans: I am staying at a friend’s appartment in Toronto with my business partner. I NEVER mentionned an AirBnb..”

“Oh… well I can’t go. Good luck finding another male model.”

… !!!!

(Insert here the worst swear words combined, turned into verbs and adjectives possibles, in French and English)

That was it. ENOUGH!

I deleted him from everything. I didn’t want to see him or hear from him ever again.

He deliberately threw me under the bus, BECAUSE I didn’t want to sleep with him. I mean, do you know how hard it is to find a plus size male model willing to voluntarely do a photoshoot in Toronto within 2 days?! It’s almost impossible.

All I did was trying to spare his feeling and what I got in return was disgusting texts and lost a male model because I wouldn’t have sex.

Very professionnal. *clap clap clap*

Mr. E, maybe I didn’t found a big and tall model to replace you, but we found someone who was much more nicer to work with.

** Mr. E is NOT this handsome guy in the pictures. In fact, this is Kaity’s friend who decided to jump in and help us. Thank you again Martin <3 You saved the day!


Photography: Robert Skuja Photography

Models: Tessenie Mowatt, Kaity Wuebbolt, Martin, and me.

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