Dating stories – The business man (part 1 of 2)

Hello lovelies! I am back from vacation with my infamous dating stories. I have already shared all my short dating stories, and I’m about to start this long one, which will be part 1 of 2.  This is about a guy I met through Facebook. I created a plus size fashion event a few years ago it got quite popular. There was publicity for the event in the medias, newpapers, magazines and all, and one of our ads was on Facebook as well. As any plus size ads on social medias, there was a lot of supporters and a few haters. Well, here’s when Mr. E arrives.

Mr. E

Mr. E was a big and tall guy who felt offended by the hater’s comments, so he replied (which is something I couldn’t do). He was polite, but said what was on his mind and I liked it. So I liked his comment and added him to my Facebook friends. We started talking and that was that. He was a successful business owner, married and had a kid, so that was clear we were nothing more than friends.

A few months later, Mr. E was coming to Montreal and asked me out on a date. I thought it was weird, since he was married so I asked what the deal was. He told me that he was indeed married, BUT his wife now turned lesbian, and her girlfriend was living with them, and their kid, all under the same roof. (Uh… WHAT?!) He told me that he is now single (even though his status on Facebook said otherwise, and his wife kept writing sweet messages on his wall)…

He was cute, we have talked for a while… I guess I could use a night out. I knew nothing was going to happen anyway on that “first date”, so I figured, why not. It will give me some time to ask him what the deal was with his marital status.

So I went to meet Mr. E at a Mexican restaurant. I was not really hungry so I ordered a drink, and he did too. This guy was taller than I expected! He was towering me, but was clearly nervous. He drank his first drink in a gulp (how charming *rolling eyes*) and ordered another one right away. I was nervous too (who isn’t when you meet someone for the first time), but I kept it to myself. I guess he felt the awkward silence coming, so he asked me questions. Yes, questionS with an S.

I swear, it was like going through a job interview: How did you end up with a fashion event on your hands? How did you start it all? Is anyone in business in your family? When did you start blogging? Why are you blogging? Are you travelling to NY for business or pleasure? Are you modeling? Why aren’t you modeling? …

I don’t mind answering questions on a date, but it was so intense, question after question, non stop…. for 2 hours! The only question I didn’t get out of this was “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” !! When I tried to turn it around and ask him something about his life, he answered briefly and swing the question back to me again.

And the guy continued to drink so he was abviously tipsy, and he kept telling me “I’m not usually like that you know.. I’m not a drunk, I’m just intimidated by you.” … Uh, what? Come on!

I got out of the restaurant, exhausted. We walked to my car and he said he really would like to see me again, next time he’s in town. I didn’t answer. Something was off.. This date didn’t turn me on.

He lost me between his “lesbian wife”, the heavy drinking and the interrogation. Before getting in my car, he asked if he could kiss me.. Really? ….. Ok. I guess. So he kissed me, I got in my car and left. When I think about it now, I wish I had the courage the say NO to the kiss. With everything that happened, him being half drunk and all, I wasn’t into it at all. I just thought it was easier to say YES and get it over with, than saying NO and having to explain why.. So I chose my battle, and will live with the consequences.

Because yes, there has been consequences! You will know all about it in next week’s post: PART 2!


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