Roxy Earle X Le Chateau

A few weeks ago, the reality star and BoPo (body positive) Activist Roxy Earle launched her capsule collection with Le Chateau.

I had a hard time to find her collection in stores. I looked downtown Montreal, in Angrignon and no one had it. They told me to shop online (duh!) or try another store. I finally came across a Le Chateau store that carried a few items (3 dresses and 1 jumpsuit – and 3-4 models of shoes in Roxy’s collection) during my vacation in Quebec.

We were a little bit in a hurry, so I tried 2 dresses in store.


First, I tried on the Floral Chiffon Flutter Sleeve. This dress is perfect if you have a special occasion. The fabric is light and you won’t regret wearing a maxi dress in Summer with this one.

This long dress has a comfortable, stretchy interior, BUT with a chiffon layer which does not stretch at all. The underarms were digging in and were not comfortable (for me), and the waist was too tight. There’s also a little string belt, that gave me nightmares to knot. Why does so many designers decides to make clothes with a belt, and are actually afraid to give it extra lenght? You know, when you are plus size, we really do appreciate extra long belts. Well this one wasn’t.

The second dress I tried on was the Satin Wrap-Like dress. This dress has a little stretch and is very comfortable. I really liked the puffy sleeves and the long belt on that one. (High five for the long belt!)

I liked it so much on the mannequin, but this color is not right for me. The wrap like V-neck is gorgeous, but I don’t have enough breast to fill this pretty décolleté. Busty ladies, I want to see you in this gorgeous dress!

The only thing I didn’t like in this dress is also the thing I like the most: the fabric. I really liked the idea of a Satin Wrap dress, but as you can see on the belly area, the fabric is so “thin” that you can see the lines of the fold fabric underneath. I’m sure it could have been perfect, if the fabric would have been a little thicker, or darker.


I am usually a size 20 for dresses, or a 2X. I didn’t take any chance here. Le Chateau is not a plus size store, so I figured they would probably carry Junior Plus Sizes.. and I was half-right. I tried the dresses in the largest size they had: a 22. Depending on the fabric, it could work for some of you. For me, the proportions were wrong. It was too tight at some places, and hanging loose in other areas.

$ Range

Price wise, I think this collection is expensive AF!! I know, it’s made in Canada and the quality is probably very good, but man..! Even Rachel Roy’s collection was not that expensive at Addition Elle (and Rachel Roy is a famous stylist, and has an established brand!) A t-shirt at 40$, a basic top at 60$ but all the interesting items (dresses, jumpsuits, rompers) are between 150$ and 350$. Bravo Le Chateau! You managed to beat Addition-Elle in a matter of ridiculous pricing!

Roxy Earle also has 3 wedding dresses available on Le Chateau website, but her price range for wedding dresses are affordable (under 700$), and the dresses looks great!

Check Roxy Earle’s collection in select Le Chateau stores, or online HERE

** It’s a great initiative from Le Chateau to start offering plus size options. I really hope they continue this way, because I remember I loved shopping at this store when I was younger (and a smaller size). The plus size community is all about new options, and we would be glad to count Le Chateau as a plus size inclusive store, if they decide to renew the experience. <3 Le Chateau <3

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