Dating stories – The Mexican

Since I’m on vacation, I will share this week this date story that was short and (not so) sweet. Though it was not the worst date I’ve ever had, it was, let’s say, confusing.

Mr. D

This story is quite recent. I had a match on Tinder with Mr. D, and we began talking. He was chubby and cute (I’m into chubby guys, I’ll tell you more about it another time), and he seemed nice. He was Mexican and he came to the city a few months earlier with his whole family (mother, sister, grandma..). He told me they decided to move here after a “family tragedy”. Well, that’s quite elusive..

From my previous Tinder encouters, you can easily figure out that I am now suspicious of almost every guy I meet online. When you open a door, telling me that a “family tragedy forced you to move out of Mexico”, you can imagine what goes around in my head. Drug cartels, witness protection.. I’m sorry, I know it’s a stereotype, but you tell me FAMILY TRADEGY.. what am I supposed to think? You don’t make the family move away when one of your parent dies of natural causes, don’t you?

So I talked to my friends about it, and of course they laughed at me. I would’ve laugh too if my friend would’ve told me that story, believe me! Anyway..

So we decided to meet at a bar nearby that I wanted to try.

When I got there, the place was CROWDED! I couldn’t see any tables or chair free, so I walked around quickly until I saw him at the back of the place. Mr. D had a chair kept aside for me, that was nice. So I sat, I ordered my signature drink (a black velvet) and we started talking.

The guy was nice, he was smiling and laughing nervously (I could tell), but the music was so loud! I couldn’t hear what he was saying! He had the cutest Mexican accent, but combined with the music, I had problem understanding him, so I had to ask him to repeat 2-3 times almost everything he said. I was so embarassed.. Don’t ask me what he does for a living, I asked about 3 times and couldn’t understand!

So we talked a little, until the first moment of awkward silence. As you know in those moments, my filter goes far-far-away and I open my mouth with whatever I can think of. In this case, it was “So… why did you move here with your family?” At this moment, Mr. D was caught off guard. He told me his brother was killed over there, and they decided to move here to start fresh. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time I was like I KNEW IT!!! So I dropped it and changed the subject for something lighter.

During the evening, I asked him if it was hard to leave everything behind and start over. He said it was not that bad. Then I asked him if he had a girlfriend back in Mexico, that he had to leave.. If this was hard. And at that moment, he said:

Nah, it’s not that hard, she was here 2 weeks ago. She visited me for a few weeks.

Nope! That’s it! I pretexted I had to get up early in the morning and had to leave. I called the check, paid mine and left.

He left at the same time, and since he was walking back, I asked him if he wanted a ride. He said “No, it’s fine, I’m going to another bar to end the night!”

!! … okay dude! Have fun!

That night was just… strange and confusing. If you clearly have a girlfriend and you are telling me about her, why the f*** are you on Tinder, hitting on other girls?

FunFact: he contacted me a few times after that, to ask me out. Why would I go? What’s in it for me in all this?

Ugh… come on! I am still looking for that nice, chubby, faithful guy by the way.. 😉


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