Dating stories – the Drama Queen

I am an expressive person. My laugh is loud. I speak fast when I get excited about something. I am not particularly shy. But I am not a drama queen.

Somehow, I attracted one.

Yep! Drama Queens are people who are always surrounded by drama, and when everything goes well, they create or see drama anyway. Mister C was clearly part of this gang, and this is his story.

Mister C

I met Mr. C on a dating website a while ago. We chat and laughed a lot, so it wasn’t long until we decided to meet for a drink. I met him at a bar, and I remember we had fun, it was on a karaoke night and he went up there to sing something. It was a pleasant date. The bar was about to close, so we decided to leave. I had my car and he was walking back home to this freezing night, so I gave him a ride. Once parked in front of his place, he kissed me. It was a nice to way end the evening.

We saw each other for a while, about once a week. We went to this bar, talked, watch a movie and laugh. So far, everything was ok.

One day, I noticed that he didn’t mention work in a while so I asked how was work. He told me that his boss fired him because he was wrongfully accused (oh, another one! There goes the drama!) of selling drugs at work, to coworkers. At the moment, he was not working but he decided to start a small illegal drug factory with his brother in his kitchen, (wrongfully accused, huh?) so that was his source of income……….. uh… wha?

At the time, I didn’t have any stability regarding the amount of hours I could get at work, so I had to take all the shifts they threw my way. It was now difficult to go out at night when I knew I had to be up early in the morning, so I told him I would not be able to make it to our date that week. He flipped out, drama style! He started saying that I was not ready to invest myself in this new kind of relationship, that I was young and I could go out and be sleepy at work. HEY DUDE!!! I may be in my twenties but I can decide for myself if I want to have my full night of sleep or not! I talked back and told him that I was not comfortable to go to work with only 3-4 hours of sleep….. and that was our first fight. He decided to stop talking to me.

I knew it was totally ridiculous so I let him go. A couple days passed by, and I decided to take the high road and call him back. I asked if he wanted to meet so we could talk.

We met and I told him that it was childish to ignore me for such an insignificant reason. He stayed silent with this spoiled face, but he eventually started to talk to me again. And we were back on!

We continued to see each other for a while, and he kept throwing drama shit in my face from time to time, especially when I was not able to make it according to HIS schedule. Come on man, you are the one not working. Why should I be the one who had to be sleepy at work, or quit my shift early to meet you when you are free all the damn time!! *rolling eyes*

One day, I asked him if he wanted to come see a concert with me. He told me he would love to, but he will call me back to let me know if it would work with his plans.. I told him I would go get my ticket that same night, and he was supposed to call me back ASAP to let me know if I get him a ticket or not. So that night, I texted him before I left home to get the tickets. No answer. I called him. No answer. I called again when I was on the bus. No answer. I called him again when I was at the ticket counter. No answer. So I grabbed my ticket and left. I texted him that I got my ticket and that he would have to move his ass if he wanted a ticket from now on.

The next morning, I got an answer. Mr. C told me he fell asleep on the sofa last night, and never heard the phone ring. He also told me that he would like to come to the concert with me, but he couldn’t go get his ticket for an obscure reason. I would have to go back…. Are you freaking kidding me man?! I’m not going back there for you! And I told him. And he didn’t like that, and yelled. (DRAMA!!) From that part, it was over. I was out it.

He texted me later to get to the venue early the next day, and let him know if there were still available tickets at the door, and grab one for him. I never answered. He texted again the next morning (the day of the concert). I didn’t answer. He called me a few times during the concert (because nope, he never showed up to the venue!), left angry voice mails.. I never answered.

I went to the concert and it was great! I was by myself, but I’m sure I had more fun there alone, than I would have with the Drama Queen Mr. C. After the concert, I looked at my phone and there was a new voice mail.

Mr. C called and told me that I was the childish one, that I didn’t like to be ignored but I was now doing it to him, that I had no right to do this…. Man, it was not childish from my part to ignore you, I was just plain tired of all your drama. You want something, well get up of your grown ass behind and go get it! And you say I had no right, huh? Well look at me go!


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