Dating stories – The aggressive one

Mister B

A couple years ago, I started to talk with Mr. B which, met on a dating website. The guy seemed nice, but something was off. I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew there was something strange. We didn’t talk a lot before we met, because he didn’t want to waste his time (!)… Yep! That was my charming date!

Okay dude. Personnally, I like to talk a little more with someone before I meet him, but ok.. Let’s do it your way.

I agreed to meet Mister. B downtown Montreal for an evening coffee. I arrived first so I ordered my Frappucino and sat at a table. I was nervous because I didn’t really know anything about him. He arrived maybe 10-15 minutes after me, looked at me with a blank stare, walk straight to the table, throw his satchell on a chair and said “I’m fucking hungry, so I’ll be back in a minute.”

………………………… really?! No “Hello, nice to meet you” or any kind of courtesy? If this is how you want to play it man, it clearly doesn’t start very well.

He came back with a sandwich and a coffee, sat down, said he had a really bad day. (Really? I couldn’t tell!!) I didn’t know how to react to that. I mean it’s the first time we met and this guy is pissed off for an unknown reason.. so I tried to bring back the conversation to a cordial level by asking “What do you do for a living?”

– I’m a journalist for a daily newspaper and right now, I don’t work because I’ve been wrongfully accused of plagiarism…

The.. what… huh?? When it rains..!! This guys was impossible. He was not particularly Mr. FUN when we used to chat online, but at least he was pleasant. I really felt I had to work hard to get a polite conversation.

He asked me the question back and I really took my time to answer, smiled, talked about my background, my family… you know, trying to keep it casual and friendly. I knew it was not going well, but I wanted to end this shitty date on a happier note, and it kinda worked. Until the barista used the blender to mash up the ice for a Frappucino, and all hell broke loose.

Mr. B hit the table with his fist and shouted “We cannot hear ourselves think in here! What the Fuck?!!”

I froze. From that moment I said Eff the courtesy with this aggressive date, I’m walking out! I don’t remember exactly what I said, or how I said it but I grabbed my purse and left.

Aaaaand that’s why I’m still single, mama! <3

Fun Fact: If you read one of our Montreal daily newspaper in the metro today, you might see his face under his articles. I guess he got his job back!


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