Will you dare the shorts?

I don’t know how you survived to the heat wave we had last week in Montreal, but I can tell you IT WAS NOT EASY! I don’t tolerate humidity very well, I suffer from migraines and summer is always rough when it’s too humid outside. Even though I have AC in my bedroom, my home was so, SO HOT it was insane. I didn’t have energy to do anything. I came back from work, I just sat on the sofa, binge on NetFlix in my pyjama shorts and bralette with icepacks on my neck and thighs… until it was unbearable and I decided to get a cool shower and went to bed. Everynight for a week.

The only great thing that came out of this heat wave was all the pictures from plus size people on Instagram, wearing shorts and tank top without covering up! People created hashtags (like the #IceCreamBikiniBody by Ely Lemieux), posted pictures of themselves in swimwear, in short-shorts, in the pool or in the city… It was nice to see people go out of their comfort zone and just enjoy Summer like when we were kids.

Last summer, I bought my first pair of shorts in years. I didn’t wear it in Montreal, but I wore it on vacation in Dominican Republic. They were comfortable, and they were long enough so they don’t run up my thighs when I walk (it kills me when that happens..) so there was absolutely no reason why I should not wear them here!

I know.. it’s not always a question of comfort. Most of the time, it’s because we’re not used to show our skin. We have to understand that it’s not because we are not perfect that we have to stay covered! Who is perfect anyway?







So here I am, showing off my thick thighs and arms.

These are the shorts I talked about. They are about 1 inch shorter than my new bermuda-shorts. Both pairs are from Target (one is Ava & Viv, and the other is from the brand Universal Thread) and they are stretchy and comfortable. I already worn the Bermuda ones at work several times and I got absolutely no comments are weird look from coworkers, bosses or visitors (I work in a museum). Not bad! #FatGirlWearingShorts

Of course for work I didn’t wear the pair with holes in them (as shown in the pic) to keep it professional. Maybe I could’ve worn them, but I didn’t want to draw attention. Anyway, you know what is acceptable in your own work place.


Will you dare the shorts? Did you wear something for the first time in years, during the heat wave? Which look would you like to pull off but you’re not comfortable to do so yet?


Top: Old Navy // Short: Target // Shoes: Torrid // Banana cooler bag: Betsey Johnson // Sunglasses: Ardene // Necklace: Fashion to figure

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  1. Lorna Webster
    July 10, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    I am so uncomfortable in summer here in MTL and I long to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. My ultimate struggle with the beginning of my body posi journey comes from two places. 1. I HATE to be looked at. And no matter what as a plus size woman, you get looked at, covering up just means you get looked at less.

    The second is I disagree with being forced to shave my body (legs especially, I actually prefer short or shaved underarm hair for myself) and so of course, if I go out with hairy legs, I will be stared at even more.

    Those are my two biggest struggles right now 🙁 It’s really my hope by next summer to have conquered them. I’m getting a little older now, in my thirties and I’m totally fed up of dealing with this, but I still can’t get over that I HATE people staring at me.

    • Emily
      July 10, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      I totally get that!

      Our personnal body positive journey is not always easy. I admire ladies who can go out with unshaved legs but I know I am not there yet. Sometime when I feel wild I might go out with a little longer hair on my legs but I have to wear capri pants. I know people will stare if I dare go out with longer hair on my legs, in shorts..

      It’s still unconventional for women to go out without shaving their legs, and people stare at unconventional things. We are seeing it more and more, but people need time to get accustom to it. But I understand the struggle.. <3

  2. July 26, 2018 / 6:44 am

    I’m in Ottawa but it’s been hot here too. I used to not like to wear tanks because of my arms & my Mom is thin but won’t wear shorts because of her age. I think it’s ridiculous & after losing some more weight from being more active the last two years, I don’t let anything stop me from wearing what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for sharing your story as the more we talk about these issues, the less they keep us from being brave. You are lovely inside & out!

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