Dating stories, or how I keep ending up single (part 1)

I wrote a blog post a while ago about how I hate the concept of today’s dating apps. It doesn’t stop me from using them, but I’m uncomfortable judging someone only by a profile pic (especially when the person doesn’t even bother to add a discription!)

I’m not here today to rant about dating apps, but because I read something the other day that made me laugh.

I follow a lovely lady on Instagram called Duchelle and she is awesome. Last weekend, she posted a link on her friend’s blog (in French) relating her worst dating stories and it reminded me how awkward dating could be. Which brought me to realize that I have too, many weird dating experiences I could share with you guys..

Over the years, I met many guys through dating websites (before the dating apps, ya know…). Some guys were nice, some were weird and some just never showed up. So these are my worst dating stories.

Enjoy! (because I sure didn’t!)

Mister A

I met Mr. A through a dating website a while ago (when MySpace was the place to be, and Facebook was only an idea) and I was not the outgoing person I am today. I was uncomfortable with my body, I was shy, but I wanted to work on that so I tried. Also, when I meet someone for the first time, I feed on what the other person is giving me. So I’m easy to talk to as long as you talk back to me.

I think I talked to Mr. A for a week or two before we decided to meet. He was really, but REALLY funny. Hilarious guy! We talked and laugh non stop.. He asked if I wanted to go out and have a coffee downtown Montreal. I remember it was raining, I got out of the metro at McGill station and he met me there. It was awkward… but not awkward-fun, just strange.. He didn’t talk AT ALL! I got the silence treatment! Okay… In that case, I have two options:

A) I close up and I don’t talk either

B) I fill the silence and I talk, NON STOP, about everything that pops to my head. The filter goes out the window and BAM!

So I talked, non stop, for about an hour (which seemed like 4!) about my life, my friends, my family, how my day went, what happened at work, what happened on my way there…….. EV-E-RY-THANG!! It was the longest hour of my life. He listened though, and laughed quietly, but he never took the lead. He answered my questions by yes or no, but again I had to work hard to get something out of him.

At some point, I was just tired of entertaining the dude, so I pretended I had to be up very early in the morning, so I had to go. He walked back to the metro station with me, silently (duh!!) and when I went down the stairs, he said “It was really fun, we should do that again sometimes!” ……….. WHAT?! Really man? Did you really had fun, because I’m exhausted! I said “Yeah…” and continued walking down the stairs, thinking “oh hell no!”

Funny thing: he actually asked me to go out again a couple times. I never answered.

Funny thing 2: Years later, I went to a concert and I saw him coming in and we saw each other. He didn’t come to talk to me (that would have been a first!) and that was fine with me!


I’ll be back next week with the story of Mister B.

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