4 accessories to go from basic to fantastic!

Summer is here. Our closets are full of dresses, sweet pastels and flower patterns. A few filters here and there, and it’s the perfect season to share pictures on Instagram! Because you know… I love Instagram.

If you look closely to fashion bloggers, you can see how it’s quite easy to get this Influencer style. All you need is statement accessories. You can start with a basic look (let say a pair of jean shorts and a tank top), and add a couple accessories and voilà!

So here is four accessories you need, to go from basic to fantastic!


GabiFresh // Nicolette Mason // The belle avenue

Sunglasses.. I’m sure you own a pair (at least!) I don’t know if you have notice, but the the smaller sunglasses are very trendy right now. GabiFresh wore a pair at the Billboard Music Awards (her olive outfit above) and it completed her outfit so well!  Personal tip: Sunglasses is my best friend during a photoshoot. With them, I’m sure to always have a good picture. It doesn’t matter if my eyes are closed, or if I look somewhere else: it doesn’t show!

This summer, don’t go anywhere without them!

High heel shoes

Color Me Courtney // Madeline Jones // Garner Style // Nicolette Mason

You don’t need mega high heels shoes to elongate your legs. Sometimes, a little heel will change your posture in a picture and it will give a high end look to your style. Also, a cheap Ardene pair of shoes can do the trick. Personal tip: I am comfortable to walk (and stand up) in 2,5 inches heels. I can walk from point A to B for a photoshoot in higher heels, but I might not be able to stay up for long.. Try different heights, and it will be easier to order online when you know where your comfort zone is.

Fanny pack

Color Me Courtney // Nathalie means nice // Girl with curves // Eloquii // GabiFresh

The fanny pack is making a comeback this summer. This small purse worn at the waist (or shoulder strap) is ideal when you don’t want to hold your hadbag. Personal tip: I don’t really have a personal tip since I don’t own a fanny pack right now. I am looking for a colorful one and so far, I haven’t found THE ONE. I’ll let you know as soon as I get it!

Statement earrings

Alex Michael May // Danisha Pop // Joanie Pietracupa // Curvygirl Chic

Nothing completes a look like statement jewelry. It could be a massive necklace, or colorful earrings, and voilà! As you can see, tassels are trending as well. Personal tip: Make sure to push your hair back, or tie it up to show your earrings. If they are a statement, they will probably be a little bit heavier, so show them off so the pain won’t be for nothing! Tip #2: If you choose a statement necklace, don’t wear earrings (and vice-versa).


What are YOUR favorite accesories to shine in pictures?


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