Inspiration Tuesday – How to get an awesome beach body

It’s Spring guys!! Yep, even in Montreal the sun is shining, the freezing temperatures are going away and we will soon be assaulted by all the magazines trying to get us to starve ourselves to have a perfect beach body. Diets, cleans and miracle products are all around, pressuring us to lose weight.

And you know what? It worked. Well, I mean, the strategy worked. I tried all this when I was younger, convicing myself that when I’ll get that thin body, I would not be that self concious and I would be able to express myself more. I would be able to fit in beautiful, stylish clothes and look good in it. I would be happy, and get a nice boyfriend, and my life would be that modern fairytale of “The cute fat girl who became a stunning showstopper”.

Did it really work? Oh hell no. I lost a couple pounds, gain a little, starved then binge eat afterward.. It took me thirty-something years to be able to say “ENOUGH!”

Yes, I would like to eat healthier and be able to walk up a couple flights of stairs without being out of breath, but in NO WAY, it has anything to do with my appearance.

A couple years ago, I was really self concious. I didn’t want to wear shorts, or tank tops in summer. I was ashamed of my arms, my belly, my back fat and my thighs. I thought that if I stayed covered, people wouldn’t know how fat I was underneath my clothes. Silly, right?

Until one summer where my friend and I went to New York, to be part of a Plus Size Fashion Event. We saw a lot of people there: smaller and bigger than us. FUNFACT: no one seemed ashamed of their bodies. We saw bigger women with bare arms (no shrugs), in shorts even if they had cellulite, and they were ok with that. And you know what? They were beautiful. They didn’t need to have a specific body type to look awesome, to have fun with their friends or to have boyfriends.

The carefree attitude they had, their presence, and their confidence was the best thing we could bring back home. My friend and I started to wear shorter skirts and dresses, started to show our arms and legs and to appreciate our bodies a little more.

Next summer, we attended the Fashion Event in New York again, and guess what? For the first time since my early childhood, I dared to wear a bikini in public despite my cellulite, my rolls and my fat. And my friend wore a tank top without covering her arms!

June 2014, first time in years that I went to the beach, AND that I wore a bikini. My first real beach body as a plus size blogger.

After this event, I added a lot of the pretty plus size ladies to my social medias and if you open my Instagram right now, all you will see is gorgeous plus size women, or body positive blogs, or pictures of trendy plus size stores.

You know, if you want to change the way you look at yourself, sometimes you need inspiration. It could be from a Plus Size Event (like it was for me and my friend), it could be from curvy Instagram accounts, it could be from a co-worker, name it! But you can be plus size and love your body.

Engage the conversation with a blogger you like. Leave comments on Instagram posts that are interesting. Talk to the people who inspires you. Without knowing it, they can help someone see something about themselves, or see the world in a brand new way.

The most impressive part is how you stop caring about what the other think at some point. It’s not even something that you have to breathe-in and calm-down before going out in shorts, you simply stop thinking about it.

And you know what? It feels so good!

Once you own the fact that you are fat (or plus size, if you don’t like the word FAT), what else can people say? Yes, I’m fat (tell me something I don’t know!), but I’m also a fashion blogger (in my case) and I know that I dress way better than other people. My size doesn’t define my ability to rock a jumpsuit with high heels. My rolls doesn’t keep me from wearing whatever I want.

My size doesn’t define shit.  //  Yours shouldn’t as well.

So if you want to eat better, excercise a little more, take a walk and enjoy the sun out, that’s nice! Good for you! You should always do this kind of thing and focus on the healthy-side, not to lose a couple inches or to drop a few sizes.

I just want YOU to know that you look perfect the way you are. Don’t let the magazines tell you otherwise. You already have an awesome beach body, gorgeous! <3

November 2016, showing my beach body in Dominican Republic.

Send me pictures of your beach body, I want to share it and your story on my social medias!!






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