OMG!! In 2 days…

Oh yeah!! Two whole days before I get to breathe the same air as Justin Timberlake at the Bell Centre.. Last time I saw him in concert (for his 20/20 Experience Tour) my seat was soooo far, I promised myself that next time he’s in town, I will buy the best ticket a girl could find… and I did!

Well… sort of. I wasn’t ready to put 1000$ on a concert ticket to be at the private bar in the middle of the general admission, BUT! I grabbed pretty close-to-the-stage tickets for my best friend and I. How much did it cost? You don’t wanna know, but at that price, he better pick me up to go on stage with him and sing..

His album Man of the Woods is not as good as The 20/20 Experience, for me. He lost himself in all the genres and collabs on MOTW, compared to the sleek, clean, big-band sound he had on his previous album. Some songs are really, REALLY good on it (Filthy, Midnight Summer Jam, Breeze off the pond – and Say Something! Please let me sing the Chris Stapleton part on stage, JT!), but I would’ve liked more cohesion (Sauce?! What? Why….? this song is just… urghhhhh *sigh*)

I will keep you posted on Sunday as my day go by.. Because you know it’s going to be a crazy day. If my dignity stays with me until the end of the concert, it will be something to celebrate! If not, it means I probably cried like a little 14 years old OR I passed out. Simple as that.

Yeah… Only Mister JT has that effect on me.

You can listen his latest album Man Of The Wood on Spotify or Itunes.

You can follow  me on social medias to see where are our seats at the Bell Centre, how is the concert, if Justin Timberlake noticed me and asked me to leave my work and follow him on his World Tour and see if I cried and stuff.. You know.. the usual…

Let me know if you are going to see him on Tour, and what you thought about it! I want to compare opinions…

Have a great weekend to you all!



Photography: Katerine PhotoArtiste

Location: Hotel Zero1


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