Inspiration Tuesday – Ady Del Valle

This Tuesday, our inspiration comes from a plus male model, style influencer and body positive blogger: Arcadio Del Valle.

I met him last fall during the CurvyCon, and he was so sweet that I wanted to interview him  this time.

Here it is!

Q: Ady, how did you get into fashion?

I have always been into fashion since my teen years, the older I got the more of an interest it was to reflect it in my personal style especially more now than ever.
Q: Did anyone influence your style?
My influence are usually what i see in magazines or on celebs or bloggers that intrigue me so i capture influences from all over, but my over all style is pretty simple, clean and casual.
Q: Who is your favourite fashion icon and why?
My favorite fashion Icon would be Jennifer Lopez. I love everything she wears and rocks it. Nick Wooster would be my male version he’s an older gentlemen but young at the same time, his style is classic, modern, and clean.
Q: Is there a designer/brand you would love to walk for, in a runway show?
I would be happy to walk for any designer that is willing to work with someone like me, someone out if the norm. Love Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Philipp Plein the list can go on, it would be a dream.

Q: What is your favourite item of clothing, and why?

My favorite item of clothing would be a good pair of well fitting black pants.  

Q: Do you have a lucky outfit?

I don’t have a lucky outfit I wear what is comfortable and mix and match some of my favorite pieces.

Q: You have been in the fashion eye for a while now. What has been your favourite fashion moment so far?

My favorite fashion moment has to be when I wore a black lace top, black pants and some platform lace up shoes for a fashion even in DC, wore it only for the carpet for 5 mins and took it off to head back stage for a fashion show i was in. The top was a statement piece for me being see through and just rocking it as is.
Q: If you had your own brand, what would it look like?
If I had my own brand would definitely be for the modern plus male, eclectic, clean, effortless with modern cuts. I would want the plus male to feel confident and stylish with well fitted clothing.

Q: If you had to pack for a weekend event, what would you pack and why?

If I had to pack for a weekend i would pack 3 T-Shirts 1 jeans, 2 black pants, 1 button up and a jacket,  2 shoes or boots

Q: Do you have a beauty ritual before going to bed or in the morning? (Exfoliation, hydratation, beauty products…)

Yes every morning and night I use my 3 step acne system cream, also 3 times a week i exfoliate with St.Ives.

Q: What are your next projects?

My next projects, have been coming in in random basis. I have an interview next month in NYC for a plus magazine, Have some possible filming happening still in the talks, also some fashion events this summer and end of year. I am taking opportunities as they come my way.

Q: What message would you like to send our readers today?

Please live for yourselves, learn to love yourself everyday, its a different process for everyone but not impossible. Learn and practice to embrace yourself as you are now at any size without worrying what anyone says or think.
Thank you so much Ady for answering our question. <3
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