Single ladies? I need your input here…

I don’t know if you are in the same situation as I am, but damn… finding a nice boyfriend (or girlfriend) is hard these days. With the dating/matching apps that I tried so far, they all seem to work on the same basis: do I like your profile pic or not.

It is so superficial to decide if you reject someone only on their face/physique. It sucks when I know that my forte is my personality. I know I’m not ugly, but I but I’m not the prettiest either. Let’s say: I blend in a crowd. What really makes me stand out is my personality. My laugh. My goals. My ambitions. My kindness and all.. Everything you cannot know if you only look at my profile picture.

Clearly, as a plus size woman, I feel I have to work harder to get attention from the men I’m interested in. When you are given an app where thousands of women are displayed by profile picture, it’s easy to swipe left “because she’s fat”. Yeah, I’m fat. I know that, but I’m also sexy, and affectionate and smart and silly. Maybe if men were not in a hurry to see if the next candidate is better looking than me, and would actually read my profile, they would have a better idea of who I am. I don’t hide the fact that I am a plus size fashion blogger. I know for a fact that guys don’t read my profile, because most of them suddenly disappear after getting the notice “You got a match”. When you have a match, you start looking closely to the other person, reading their profile and all.. BOOM!! You liked a fat chick! Quick, delete, DELETE the match!

ugh… So that’s it. I’m a little bummed with the dating scene right now.

That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m saying yes to everything either, but as we say in French “Laisse une chance au coureur”, meaning “give the runner a chance” (or something like that). I don’t stop at someone’s physique: his values, his kindness, the way he expresses himself are things that matter to me, more than a sixpack and a perfect body.

What do you think? Do you have the sames problems I have with dating apps? If you are a couple, where did you meet? Come on, cheer me up a little…


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