Best falsies, here they come!

This week, I decided to share with you the best false eyelashes on the market. I like to wear them from time to time, when I go out with some friends or when I have a special event, but I am not wearing them everyday. It still takes me a few minutes to adjust them, but I’m getting better and better each time I put them on.

If you didn’t know the trick, here it is: you NEED to cut your lashes in sections. By keeping them too wide, they might want to stick out of your lashline, or completely. Usually, I cut mine in 2 sections, and I only use 1 section, in the outer corner of my eyes. There’s nothing that bothers me more and having a falsie poking in my eyelid, in my inner corner.

So here is my top 5:

  •  Ardell Fashion Lashes #110

These lashes will give you a glamour look, by making your lashes seem longer. You can find this brand pretty much everywhere (including at Walmart) and they are pretty cheap.

You can use them a few times before they start looking all glued up.


  •  Ardell Individual Dura Lashes

This is good if your natural lashes needs help in some spots. I like to have more lashes in the outer corner of my eyes, so I use 1 or 2 pieces here and there. Again, you can find them everywhere.



  • Eyelure #126

These lashes are a little more expensive, but you see the difference. The mix of shorter and longer lashes create a glamour look. I found my pair at Target in the US. I never saw them in Canada.. maybe I was not lucky!



  • MAC False lashes #20

These lashes are not here to play! If you want the femme fatale look, they are the perfect pair with a dark smokey eyes make up. Rawrrr!

Available online at MAC cosmetics



  • Tarte Tarteist Pro Lashes in Goddess

If you want volumizing lashes, this Tarteist Lashes are for you. They are Cruelty Free, latex free, have multi-lenght fibers that dramatically adds volume to your lashes.

Available online at Tarte cosmetics




Let us know what kind of falsies you prefer by commenting below.

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