How to get the best rose gold hair this spring

Do you want to celebrate Spring with the hottest pastel trend right now? And I am not talking about hair chalk that stains when you run your fingers through your hair, or a spray that leaves your hair crunchy.. I am talking about the best new technology in temporary color, by the celebrity hair styilist Kristin Ess.

If you already have blond or pre-lightened hair, this is for you.

The product come in a sleek, peach colored bottle (like a hair spray bottle), and instead of using the product on dried hair, you have to use this one in the shower.

You wash your hair, and rinse. Once this is done, you spray the rose gold tint on your wet hair, and leave it there for 1-2 minutes. Rinse out, and follow with your conditioner or mask.

I was surprised when I applied it first. The product is actually a red tinted mist, so it’s very watery.

PERSONNAL TIPS: Since my hair is not platinum blond, I needed more than “a subtle tint”. When I used it first, I followed the directions on the bottle and it didn’t show AT ALL. The second time, I tried to towel dry my hair, and leave the product for 5 minutes to achieve the pink highlights (show in picture), and it worked very well.

It is supposed to stay on for 1-3 shampoos depending on your hair type, but after 1, most of the product was gone on mine.

I really, REALLY like the Kristin Ess temporary rose gold tint. I liked that your hair has a natural feeling (no crunchy-ness or won’t stain your hands) when you touch it, and you can style it the way you want.

I also like that you can add more punch to the “subtle tint” by applying to dryer hair, instead of applying on freshly rinsed hair. You can really play with this.

Even if I sprayed my hair in front of the bathroom mirror (not in the shower, I wanted to see what I was doing!), it didn’t make a mess. The mist is already watery, so it rinses out easily if you forgot a spot or two.

And I didn’t talk about the perfume-like smell of the product. All of Kristin Ess hair products have the same perfume, and it’s smells so great.. It smells like a really good shampoo at the hair salon. I can’t stop smelling my hair whenever I use Kristin Ess line of hair care, just so you know.

I would recommend this product to someone who likes to play with the hair trends, but you really need to have pre-lightened or blond hair for it to show.

All I need to know now is: Kristin, will you add more colors to this collection?


The Kristin Ess entire collection is available exclusively at Target (USA) and at (CANADA) You can get the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Tint HERE


Would you like to try this product, or did you try it already? What did you think? Leave a comment just below, and let us know!


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